Latest Vulcan Foundry Photographs

We are always on the lookout for photographs to scan in for the site, this page contains some of the best ones received. 

Vulcan Foundry Slides - Lowering Type 4 onto Chassis

One from Graeme Pilkington's collection showing an engine being fitted into a Type 4 Locomotive (Class 40) sometime around 1960 at a guess.

Vulcan_Foundry_Group_circa_1912.jpg (321173 bytes)

Peter & Tracy Kirk have donated this photograph believed to have been taken in 1912 of an unidentified group of workers.

The only further information I have is that the photograph has a biro written inscription on the back that says 'my father working at the Vulcan works at Earlestown around 1912', I believe that his name surname was probably 'Guest'.

(if you have seen this photo before know and have any further or more accurate information then let me know).

Colour Photo Iranian State 2-10-2 Liverpool Docks 1954

This photograph is quite a find as it is an original colour photograph of one of the 2-10-2 locomotives built for the Iranian State Railways in 1954.
A stunning colour photograph donated by Kath Howarth from her parents (Dorothy & Ken Eaton) collection.

sud3941_small.jpg (143714 bytes)

This photo supplied by Graeme Pilkington was taken in 1926 and shows a  4-6-2  locomotive 
destined for Buenos Ayres Great Southern Railway (SUD).

Brian Orrell and Eric Rimmer had identified the chap in this photo as Arthur Thompson who was a Foreman in tender shop.

iranian 2-10-2 1952-4 600vs.jpg (188062 bytes)

Another Gem from Dorcas Kilduff this time showing one of the largest steam loco's built by the Vulcan Foundry
this time a 2-10-2 destined for the Iranian Railway.

This photograph was taken in either 1952 or 1954 and shows a group of foundry workers stood in front of one of the loco's being test steamed.
Thanks to Alan Williams, Eric Rimmer & Brian Orrell we know most of their names:-

Bottom left; W. Cain, S. Street, Eric Roberts, (Rocky) Robinson, Stan Pendlebury, Frank Sawyer, Thomas Heathcote, William Holt, Alan (Blackie) Williams & Curly ?

Top Left; Harry Nelson and F.Smith (chargehand steam testing)

The two chaps in the cab and the three below them were all boiler mounters.
(if you know any final details  then let me know).

unrra_1947_B&W_75%.jpg (90772 bytes)

This photo was taken in 1947 and shows a Liberation class locomotive destined for somewhere in Europe.

Dorcas Kilduff has kindly sent this photo in from the photo album of her father Donald Hulme, Dorcas says:-

Seeing the picture that you sent reminded me of one in a photo album and so I have attached a copy. 
The train was one of those built in 1946-47 to re-establish the railway system in Europe after the war.
The men are (R-L) Asst. Chief Draughtsman - James (Jimmy) Dyson, Managing Director - William Whalley, Harold Hulme - Chief Engineer, and Works Manager - Joe Hindley.

Thanks also to Alan Williams and Brian Orrell for help with the identification of the chaps on the photo.

503_15%.jpg (91140 bytes)

This photo supplied by Graeme Pilkington was taken in 1947 and shows a YB class locomotive destined for Burma Railways.

The smartly dressed man in front of the locomotive has been identified as George Smith (Yorky Smith) who was Senior erecting shop
Foreman and Traveling manager in charge of Loco transportation and shipping (thanks to Alan Williams for identifying him).