ENUII - What's it all about then?


Enuii.com exists to keep my creative juices flowing during periods of time that would otherwise be idly spent. The site has (by chance events) evolved  into one with a somewhat historic feel to it and hopefully records that the world was not 'black and white' 50 years or so ago as depicted on the many images the site contains. The historical part (mostly recent history) gives a feel to how much the world has changed in so few a number of years and reveals to the younger ones amongst us that not all this change has been for the better, especially the social and cultural side of peoples working lives.

The rest of the site is a 'mish mash' of smaller parts. Some, the earlier remains of the original site, more cheesier than others. The cheesy bits still attract a fair proportion of surfers 'key word' searches each day so shall remain as they are until improved at some future date.


Definition:  English corruption of the French Ennui defined as stifled or restricted creativity and subsequent malaise caused as a result a direct result of ones working, political or regulatory environment. Many engineers and other naturally creative or innovative people increasingly suffer from enuii as a direct result of political and economic short-termism, financial driven American style risk averse management regimes, political correctness and stifling regulatory and legal environments.