The Vulcan News

  The Vulcan News was published after the demise of English Electric when the works was known as Ruston Diesels.

Following on from the success in compiling a complete set of the Vulcan Magazines it seems appropriate to attempt
the same feat for the much slimmer and much more elusive/disposable Vulcan News.


I have added the first one so if you have any and would like to share them scan them and send them in, if you don't have a scanner or the time then let me know and I will collect or scan and return by post.


December 1973

April 1973

August 1974

January 1975

March 1975

Eric Bradbury sent this one in, Eric was an apprentice from 1970 and left in 1975 when he went on a gap year (why should the students of today have all the fun) I'm the long haired fella on the front of the tandem on the back page!

Summer 1975

Vulcan News May 1976
May 1976