Vulcan Foundry Demolition

 This is a new page that will hopefully be populated with photographs of the works demolition and perhaps a few stories or suitable captions to go with them.

  Thanks to George Jennings for this comprehensive record of the destruction


demolition 280907-3.JPG (59814 bytes) demolition 280907-4.JPG (68464 bytes) demolition 280907-5.JPG (59833 bytes)
demolition 021007-3.JPG (51617 bytes) The Vulcans Lancashire Boilers from the ruins of the Works demolition 280907-1.JPG (55653 bytes)
demolition 021007-2.JPG (63041 bytes) Vulcan demolition 2.JPG (301484 bytes) vulcan demolition 3.JPG (286056 bytes)
demolition 021007-1.JPG (63546 bytes)

vulcan demolition 4.JPG (371535 bytes)

vulcan demolition 5.JPG (351541 bytes)