Vulcan Foundry
 Staff Group Photographs

We are always on the lookout for large group photographs of 'Vulcanists' if you have any scan them and send them in, if you know whose on them then let me know.
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1923 Vulcan Old Timers with 38 Years Service in 1923
Vulcan Foundry Employees with 38 years service in 1923.

J. Smith, A. Bygate, S. Hyde, E. Waywell, C. Vautrey, M. Daly, T. Williams, W. Dennett, J. Dennett, J. Devonport, J. Burns, T. Braddock, R. Brerton, W. Devonport, G. Ball.

Photo Courtesy of Anson Museum

1923 Vulcan 35 years service- Pete Podstar
Vulcan Foundry Employees with 35 years service in 1923.
Sent in by Pete from an old newspaper cutting if anyone has the original with names underneath it a copy would be greatly appreciated.
1923 Vulcan Old Timers with 44 Years Service in 1923
Vulcan Foundry Employees with 44 years service in 1923.

T. Carter, R. Allison, R. Traverse, P. Crane, F. Singleton, J. Roberts, Y. Traverse, T. Fairclough, J. Lawson, J. Rayer, T. Ord, R. Williamson, W. Taylor, R. Leather.

Photo Courtesy of Anson Museum

Shell_Girls_from_Kirsty_Waring_small.JPG (139966 bytes)
Foundry Ladies Football Team

Group of as yet unidentified munitions workers, believed to have been employed making shell casings at the foundry. Photographed here as members of a ladies football team at a match played on Saturday 17th February 1917.

Photo Courtesy of Kirsty Waring

1916 Vulcan Foundry Slotters and Planers 8th Feb 1916
Slotters and Planers 8th Feb 1916
1915 vulcan foundry moiulding shop july 1915 workers group photograph
Moulding Shop 20th July 1915
1915 Vulcan Turning Shop (Turners) 1910
Vulcan Foundry Employees Turning Shop 1915

J. Peplow, Hamnett, C. Philips, I. Sankey, J. Thompson, I. Strange, E. Blare, Milligan, Edgar, Peters, Jones, J. Simm, E. Meadows, Harrop, Clutterbuck, C. Bell, H. Arnold, J. Rodgers, J. Tunstall, T. Gannon, W. Barnes, E. Parr, J. Singleton, Boardman, w. Bates, J. Moss, J. Pye, W. Merricks, A. Blackburn, W. Taylor, A. Lord, J. Southern, W. Jones, T. Singleton, G. Astall, T. Worrall, J. Astall, Jackson, H. Alcroft, Boardman, H. Smith, J. Walker, Coates, J. Jones, Saxon, S. Hide, J. Foden, Roden, McGrath, Broughton, W. Catterall, Ball, W. Anderson, Ellison, W. Sweetlove, J. Jones, P. Singleton, A. Bygate, E. Jones, Greenall, T. Fairclough, L. Smith, Topping, T. Barratt, McMinn, H. Tate, J. Bone, D. Bate, A. Bone, J. Smith, E. Hamblett, J. Griffiths, Yennings, J. Jarvis, J. Goughton, J. Corbett, Jones, Murley, Merritt, T. Fairclough Jnr, Morris, J. Smith, P. Kenny, B. Sankey, Spencer, W. Smedley,Tate, Wakefield, F. Dickinson, C. Naylor, Smedley, T. Bright, W. Houghton, T. Meakin, W. Richards, Richards, Traverse.


1914 Tender Shop 11th December 1914 small.jpg (289666 bytes)
Vulcan Foundry Employees

Tender Shop 11th Dec 1914

1914 Vulcan Foundry Employees Group Photo circa 1912
Vulcan Foundry Employess

Forge & Smithy 18th Dec 1914

Thanks to Pete Goode for providing the identification.

Photo donated by Tracy & Peter Kirk

1910 Mexican Fairlie FCM184 built by Vulcan Foundry
Arthur & Margaret Pilkington recovered this photograph languishing at an antiques centre. The photograph shows an unidentifed group of foundry workers in front. At 138 tons these locomotives were the biggest ever built in Britain when the photograph was taken and had a tractive force rated at a massive 62610lb.

Click here to see enlarged group photo.

1910 Vulcan Foremen 1910
Vulcan Foremen 1901

W. Sutton, J. Siddeley, T. Astall, T. Travers, J. Clarke, J. Derbyshire, J. Arden, T. Rhodes, J. Tunstall, M. Sutton, R. Ambrose, J. Gill, D. Barry, J. Boughey, P. Glynn, J. Wright, A. Heyes, S. Tietjen, S. Swindells, J. Eachus, J. Kissack.


1901 Vulcan Boiler Shop Platers 1901
Boiler Shop Platers 1901

J. Wright, W. Davies Snr, J. Pendleton, J. Vincent, C. Rhodes, W. Astall, J. Bowmaker, E. Stansfield, C. Williams, J. Locker, R. Jackson, J. Anderton, T. Baker, S. Platt, F. Dixon, P. Crane, W. Davies, J. Gerrard, S. Beeston, T. Macklin.

1901 Vulcan Smiths and Strikers 1901
Smiths and Strikers 1901

W. Davies, P. Houghton, G. Beard, G. Baker, T. Travers, W. Huyton Snr, P. Cartwright, C. Smith, H. Wright, J. Millington, J. Plumpton, C. Houghton, T. Unsworth, A. Garner, W. Huyton Jnr, J. Howarth, E. Lewis.

1900 Vulcan Foundry Pattern Shop 1900 Pattern Shop 1900

Back:- R. Thompson, R. Unsworth, J. Siddley, J. Kenyon, F. Williams
Middle:- C.Wilson, J. Pendlebury, J. Harrison, Wm. Price (Foreman), G. Littler, J. Mather
Front:- C. Heyes, A. Atkinson, J. McGowan, J. Mellor, T. Ambrose, L. Jones