Latest Vulcan Foundry Staff Photographs

We are always on the lookout for photographs of 'Vulcanists' if you have any scan them and send them in, if you know whose on them then let me know.
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Blackpool 1938 Vulcan Foundry Planers Outing

Vulcan Foundry Planers outing to Blackpool

Sent in by I.Taylor and showing George Taylor on back row second from right.


The Vulcan Garage

Like most companies at this time self-sufficiency was the order of the day with as much as possible being done in-house and maintenance of the companies vehicles was no exception.

Eric Bond has kindly sent these photographs in relating to the works garage.


Alf Dover, John McDonald, Eric Bond, Frank Wylie at Vulcan Garage

Left to right:- Alf Dover, John McDonald, Eric Bond, Frank Wylie


2mol_EricBond_AlfDover_JoeGreen_KeithCunliffe_2mol.jpg (289486 bytes)

Left to right 2mol*, Eric Bond, Alf Dover, Joe Green (Driver), Keith Cunliffe,2mol*

* Prior to the 1960s it was practice to have a 'second man on lorry'.

Mr Ball, Eric Bond, Walter Buckley Auto Truck Driver Alf Dover

Left to right:- Mr Ball, Eric Bond, Walter Buckley (Auto-Truck driver), Alf Dover

Lister Auto Truck dressed up for works sports day

Left to right:- Eric Bond, Frank Wylie and the Lister Auto-Truck based kids loco for the works sports day.

Vulcan_Vandals_1960s_sharpened.jpg (172099 bytes)

Graham Normansell has sent this photograph in taken sometime in 1960s of the Vulcan Vandals 3rd XV.

 Most of the names are present but three are missing, any ideas?

Back Row (L-R); John Dibnah, Brian Douglas, Derek Thomason, Ronnie Cartwright, Paul ?, Chris Clarke, ??, Ray Sandford
Front Row (L-R); Graham Normansell, Jack Owens, Stan Arnold, Freddie ?, Bob Shaw, ??


English Electric Sudan Locomotive with Les Savage, Andy Forret,  Fank Yeates, Arthur Jepson, Ken Lord,  Ken Laybourne, Jake Proudlove, Bill Cross,  John Molineux, Clive Allison, John Laird, Terry Birkinhead, Ray Jackson, Alan Sturgess, Eric Littler,  Alex Sorokin.

Raymond Jackson has sent this photograph in from Ontario, taken in 1960. Ray worked in the drawing office from 1959-1963 and remembers everyones name even though it taken was fifty years ago. 
From the left:- Les Savage, Andy Forret,  Fank Yeates, Arthur Jepson, Ken Lord,  Ken Laybourne, Jake Proudlove, Bill Cross,  John Molineux, Clive Allison, John Laird, Terry Birkinhead, Ray Jackson, Alan Sturgess, Eric Littler,  Alex Sorokin.

From the left:- Les Savage, Andy Forret,  Fank Yeates, Arthur Jepson, Ken Lord,  Ken Laybourne, Jake Proudlove, Bill Cross,  John Molineux, Clive Allison, John Laird, Terry Birkinhead, Ray Jackson, Alan Sturgess, Eric Littler,  Alex Sorokin.
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3000 volt Sao Paulo Electric 1950

Informal group photograph taken in 1950 in front of a freshly completed electri locomotive built for the Estrada de Ferro Santos a Jundiai
 formerly known as the British owned Sao Paulo Railway before Brazilian  nationalisation in 1946.
Photo supplied by Kevin Blackburn who doesn't know any of the workers photographed, as usual if anyone recognises anyone then let me know.

Frank (Ray) Fryer and Loco of Unknown Vintage

frank fryer.jpg (351597 bytes)

Photo of Frank (Ray) Fryer with (Big) Fred Greenwood (foreman fitter) also in the cab.

Photo has been sent in by Ray Fryer, Frank's son who informs us that his father still lives in Newton and at 86 even looks younger than his son!

Can't read the plate so I'm struggling to date tis photo but guess it's somewhere around 1962/3 unless anyone else has more info than me.


Group of Female Workers taken during WW2

Matilda Tank worker Lily Littler and friends

Lilly Littler (far right) and fellow Matilda Tank workers pictured one lunchtime somewhere inside/outside the Vulcan Foundry sometime during WW2

Lily's father and brothers also worked at the foundry, the others pictured in the photo are unknown.

Photo supplied by  Norman Littler.


Vulcan Ladies Football Team 1917

Vulcan Foundry First World War (WW1) Munitions Workers Football Team

Kirsty Waring has sent in this great photograph from 1917, Kirsty says:- 

'My great-grandmother was Nellie Forshaw nee Waring b. 1895. During WW1 I believe Nellie worked at the Vulcan making munitions of some description (shell casings seems to ring a bell). When she died the attached photo was found. My nana doesn’t seem to think any of the ‘Shell Girls’ are her mum but we can’t be sure.'

Can anyone name any faces on this one!

Retirement 2.jpg (173232 bytes)
Rose Dalton's retirement presentation
Spotted by Dave Johnson
Retirement 3.jpg (218250 bytes)
Formally Dressed Group?

2nd left from chap with the handlebar moustache is Alan Wilcock spotted by his son David.
Retirement 4.jpg (140639 bytes)
Retirement 2?
Presentation 5.jpg (149632 bytes)
2nd from left Albert Waterworth
(superintendant of apprentices)
Retirement 6.jpg (154531 bytes)
Retirement 3?
Retirement 9.jpg (280208 bytes)
Retirement 4?
3rd from left with the buff hair is Albert Waterworth

Any ideas who is on these photo's plus apologies to whoever sent them in as I have lost your name!

Vulcan trip 14-04-1950 England v Scotland
By kind permission of the management, the members of the Boiler Shop Picnic Club were allowed to leave work at 4pm, on Friday, 14th April to give them a chance to start at 6.30 p.m. by motor coach for Glasgow, the main object of the trip being to see the International Soccer Match Scotland v England on Saturday afternoon. 
Jean Chambers has named the first person on this one its Joe Dearden and he is second from the left on the first row.
Photo supplied by Angela Murray and was taken in front of Wigan Little Theatre.

Vulcan Bowling Team with Naylor Cup

A. Murray sent in this photograph of the Vulcan Bowling Team with the Naylor Cup (date unknown)
Back Row: ??, Arthur Wrigley, George Murray, George Percival, Len Hodson, Terry Ashcroft, ??
Front Row: ??,Frank Lambert,??,??, Jimmy Ashcroft, Freddie Kennerley
Thanks to Kelly Lawrence for help with the names.

Samuel Norman Harris and Colleague

Photo of Samuel Norman Hunkin Harris sent in by Charlie Baker, known at various times in his life by his first name (early life) and his second name (middle to later life), Charlie doesn't know which name he used during his years at Vulcan Foundry. Sam/Norman married Isobel Patterson on 10/10/1925, and shortly after they moved to Newton-le-Willows as the depression was making it hard to find work after he left the RNAS in Felixstowe, and he got the job in the Drawing Office at Vulcan. They lived at 33 Ashton Road, Newton-le-Willows.

Photo's from the Anson Museums Collection


Ian Summerfield has sent in the following photographs with the intention of obtaining further details for the Museums collection and is particularly interested in recording the names of the workers in each photograph. I would also appreciate any additional information anyone may have, such as when and where in the works thet were taken, what the employees are doing and what any unusual machinery is for. 


RK's in Bay 7 of the Vulcan Foundry
 Final assembly of RK's in Bay 7 at the bottom end of the old erecting shop.
 At the back of the photo is Ricko (? Richardson) with Eddie McMinn on the top of an engine, Alex Stephens in white and Joe Ashcroft crouching.
RK assembly
 RK with Harold Arnold on top working on the governor with Stan Kettley 
at the bottom with the air motor starter (one each side) in front of his hands.
Lining the starters up to mesh with the flywheels was quite an art!
anson-5.jpg (43101 bytes) Deadweight Tester
Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) of a bearing end cap.
  Photograph features Jim Heaton
Louis Culshaw Calibrating a gauge with a deadweight tester, the pile of weights on the left are marked off in pressure (e.g. 1 bar, 1 psi etc) and act hydraulically on the gauge through a piston and connecting pipework to enable the accurate calibration of gauges.
Accrington Spares anson-8.jpg (40414 bytes)
We believe that this photograph shows the mysterious Accrington spares outfit packing gauges for shipment to customers. Accrington's bit of the works was apparently 'out of bounds' for the works employees.
Measuring a Con-Rod
image-1.jpg (36609 bytes)
 The vulcanist above (can't remember name) was an ex Dunkirk veteran pictured here in the Gear Shop fettling/deburring a gear. 
image-10.jpg (39255 bytes)
The engine above is the bottom half of an AP, the cheapest engine the Vulcan made and also one of the most unreliable as the camshafts were chain driven. 
Tommy Melia & AT Crankshaft Fitting RK Crankshaft Drive Gear

Ian has identified Tommy Melia fitting crankshaft studs into what appears to be an AT crankshaft, AT's like the AP's had the reputation of being somewhat unreliable. 

George Robertson fitting the drive gear to an RK crankshaft.


image-5.jpg (49291 bytes)
Alan Taylor working on an RK.
Tony Scarborough bedding down a crankshaft
Tony Scarborough bedding down an RK crankshaft.
anson-3.jpg (48847 bytes)
We believe this machine was parts washer for cleaning small components.

Rare Colour Photo from 1949

Pickfords (BRS) Road Transporter with Vulcan Foundry Load in 1949

Two Vulcan Employees photographed alongside a recently nationalised BR badged Pickfords Transporter in 1949.
Anyone recognise these two characters?

Spot the Vulcanist I.D. Parade

Image16.jpg (61060 bytes)
Photo 1
Image52.jpg (60381 bytes)
Photo 2
Ernie Singleton (Dorothy Eaton's brother)  Ernie was an Inspector for many years at Vulcan and is pictured here in 1954 conducting an inspection.
Image18.jpg (47916 bytes)
Photo 3
William (Bill) Makin
Image54.jpg (53506 bytes)
Photo 4
W. (Bill) Caine, worked for the boiler mounters, prepared steam locos for testing and also drove them on test.
Image30.jpg (61145 bytes)
Photo 5
Image56.jpg (61064 bytes)
Photo 6
Clifford Bilby (left)
Image31.jpg (65678 bytes)
Photo 7
Dick Smith (right)
Image10.jpg (58090 bytes)
Photo 8
Image44.jpg (59907 bytes)
Photo 9
Image1.jpg (38134 bytes)
Photo 10
Harold Halls, ? ?, ? Dyson
Image48.jpg (50669 bytes)
Photo 11
Joe Brown
now living in Winsford
Image7.jpg (55090 bytes)
Photo 12
Ken Lynch

These photo's were taken around 1953 of employees at work at the Vulcan at that time, it would be great if we could add names to the faces. 
Let me know if you know the names of any of the above faces.

Vulcan trip to Hembdon date unknown retouched.jpg (213054 bytes)

Jean Price (Smith) has sent this photo of George Smith her father on a works trip to 'Hebden Races', not sure on year yet ?, George worked at the foundry from 1939 to 1982.
Back row: Sack Joynson, ?????, Joe Plumpton, Joe Dearden, Jimmy Ashcroft, ?????, ?????
Middle row: Jimmy Coluns(?), Billy Plumpton (Joe's brother), Tommy Cartwright, Jack Holding, Bill Ahern, ?????,
Front Row: ?????, George Smith, Tommy Hynes, Frank Lawson, Billy Holding, ?????, Bill Larner and Dick Smith (holding hat).

george andrews group.jpg (126732 bytes)

George Jennings sent this photograph in and George says:-

A number of photos of my Grandad have appeared since the death of may Gran in May. The one attached was taken either in the boiler shop or the fitting shop at the Vulcan and the people my mum & dad know are
Top left is George Andrews (my grandad), next to him is Vinny Cunliffe, next is ? Jolley (related to the chemist), far right is Matt Hewitt, Bottom right Jimmy Ashcroft and next to him is unfortunately another blank.

Does anyone know anyone in the photograph, if so then let me know.



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image 6.jpg (3346119 bytes)

Peter Goode sent this photo in presumably from the early 1970's, his father ( Jimmy Goode ) thinks it is for George Thompsons'  retirement though he can't remember what year it is. 
Courtesy of Alan Leach the lady in the headscarf is Doreen Dodd and the chap shaking Georges hand is Geoffrey Taylor. 
Julie Farrell (Hill) has spotted her father Jimmy Hill right at the back above George Thompsons shoulder unfortunately Jimmy passed away shortly after being made redundant in the early 1980s. 6th from right with tie is Jimmy Crinigian. Woman in floral dress is Ken Johnsons wife Millie with Eric Roe to her left. On the extreme left is Gordon Storey (planer) with third from left Colin Ralphs.
Ian Porter adds; 'I worked at the Vulcan between 1977 and 1983'ish. I served my time in shop 60 as a plater working with some of these men in what was part of GEC traction, industrial locomotives. 4th from left with mousetash Dickie Allen (welder). Man with glasses between men shaking hands George? Rawlingson (foreman welder).Two men in overalls,centre right George Smith and Roy Thompson (platers). Man with big collars on shirt,4th from right might be Harry Corly?? (foreman plater) and I think the tall man at the back of GS and RT with bushy eyebrows was the foreman fitter but can't remember his name

If anyone else out there fill in some more details, if so
then let me know.

Vulcan Football Team in Drag Fancy Dress

Bill Welding sent this one in to illustrate the rich and varied social fabric that was the cornerstone of the Vulcan Sports and Social Club. Bill is pictured centre back in the skirt'n'cardy.

Colin Ralphs added 'The occasion was Foremen Vs. Apprentices to raise funds for the Mill House School, needless to say the Foremen lost but we got our revenge in other ways when back at work.'

Back (L-R); Fred Greenwood, Colin Ralphs, Alan Farrimond, Bill Welding, Ray Bent, A Middlehurst, Jack Case (ex Man. City)
Front (L-R);  Vincent Hughes, D Seddon, Francis Cummins

Vulcan Foundry built Ghana Railways Diesel Locomotive

Bill Welding has sent in this group photo taken in front of a Locomotive built for Ghana Railways at the end of 1970 , this was the last locomotive built at the foundry and to mark the end of locomotive production the workforce involved were mustered for a final photograph.

The photograph will blow up to large size if you click on it, unfortunately there are too many individuals on the photo to name though if anyone can list them I could add the list underneath.

Graham Wadsworth; 'The Forman on the far left is Ken Taylor,the man at the back without the cap under the Loco number is Frank Johnson, the fourth from the left crouched down in the second row is Bob Fitzpatrick, The foreman in the back row is Arthur Middlehurst,the Inspector in the white boiler suit and wearing a tie is Harold Potts. They are the only ones that I can recognise.'

Helen White; 'My grandfather, the late Gerald Collingwood, is seated on the front row, he is the 23rd person seated from the left on the front row.'


John Rhodes has sent this photograph of a retirement or long service presentation in the Copper Shop. 

John says 'The foreman making the presentation is my uncle Tommy Rhodes who was Foreman Coppersmith at that time. My father, Harold Rhodes who was Charge Hand Coppersmith in the Erection Shop, is two places to the right of Tommy half hidden behind the short man. I don’t know the names of anyone else on the photo.'

John reckons the photograph was taken between 1958 & 1960 so we stand a good chance of naming these Vulcanists.

BR Class 20 Type 1 D8000 Design Team_s.JPG (171440 bytes)

Brian Orrell has sent this great picture of the Vulcan English Electric Co. Class 20 Locomotive Design Team in 1955.

Left to Right.    Eric Littler ( Design Leader ), Arthur Mercer, Leslie Lynch, Len Edwards, Tom Rafferty, Alan Sturgess, Bob Tracey, Arthur Jepson, Bert Lyon, Brian Orrell, Frank Yates, Arthur Bennett, Tom Haughton, Andy Forritt, Bert Hayes, Bryan Tickle, Raymond Whittaker, Norman Smith

Vulcan erecting shop football team 1955.jpg (108815 bytes)

Alan Williams has sent in this photo of the Vulcan Erecting Shop Football Team of 1955
Back Row:- Griffiths, Powell, ?, Bob Smith, J. Kilroy, Alan Watkins, Norman Edgar.
Front Row:- Derek Simms, Ken Toohey, Alan Williams, ??, Alan Blundell the son of the driver of the yard engine.

Brian Orrell and Eric Rimmer assisted in working out who's who, though we still are a couple short.

East India Railways Vulcan XB class at Jhajha 1928

Steve Kelly has sent in this photograph of his grandfather Gerald Henry Kelly taken at Jhajha the East India Railways depot in 
1928 of a Vulcan XB class pacific made in 1927 (no 4105-4118) his grandfather was the recipient/driver of this loco and 2 of the other gents (probably the centre two) were part of the delivery team from England. 

Ken Johnson working Kearns Horizontal Borer

David Jarrett says; 'The picture is of  my Uncle (Ken Johnson) he was a Horizontal Borer at The Vulcan, he is seen here operating a Kearns No 5 Borer 
to bore out steam cylinders. He is still alive today and in his late 80's. He said the photo's were taken in his Twenties so it was some time ago 
now, probably the late 1940's or early 1950's.'


vulcan group 1950s.jpg (830066 bytes)

Photograph recording the visit of members of the Institution of locomotive engineers on the 6th May 1953 with what appears to be an Australian Sunlander 1200, a RENFE electric locomotive and an Iranian Government Railways Oil Fired Locomotive in the background. 
Do you know anyone in the photograph, are you one of the children looking over the fence, if so then let me know.

Our first positive identification is that of Joe Goodwin middle of the back row directly under the centre of the cross on the side of the loco.

Our second is Harold Hulme, front row standing far left hand side.

Click on the photo as there is a massive image available to make identification easier.
 (Photo from the Dorothy Eaton collection)

group of vulcanists (apprentices) with loco

My best guess is that this group of young lads are all apprentices and that the photo was taken in the late 1940's or early 1950's at Robert Stephensons & Hawthorns in Darlington.
Stephensons had been bought up by the Vulcan in the 1940's and as such a lot of the management of publicity material was now done via the Vulcan.
Some of these chaps are still out there although they will be 70+ by now does anyone recognise anybody or themselves, if so then let me know.

Click on the photo as there is a massive image available to make identification easier.
 (Photo from the Dorothy Eaton collection)

iranian 2-10-2 1952-4 600vs.jpg (188062 bytes)

Another Gem from Dorcas Kilduff this time showing one of the largest steam loco's built by the Vulcan Foundry
this time a 2-10-2 destined for the Iranian Railway.

This photograph was taken in either 1952 or 1954 and shows a group of foundry workers stood in front of one of the loco's being test steamed.
Thanks to Alan Williams, Eric Rimmer & Brian Orrell we know most of their names:-

Bottom left; W. Cain, S. Street, Eric Roberts, Stan Pendlebury, Frank Sawyer, Thomas Heathcote, William Holt, Alan Williams & Curly ?

Top Left; Harry Nelson and F.Smith (chargehand steam testing)

The two chaps in the cab and the three below them were all boiler mounters.
(if you know any more  then let me know).