Colour Vulcan Foundry Photographs

I have a small stock of large format colour negatives and 35mm slides that can be quite difficult to scan and don't necessarily fit under the other headings on the site so they may as well go on a page of their own under the simple heading above.

Polish Railways 2000HP 3000V DC Bo-Bo Electric

Polish Railways 2000HP 3000V DC Bo-Bo Electric
Photographed prior to delivery in 1962

British Rail BR Type 3 (Class 37) Vulcan Works 1960

BR Type 3 (Class 37) being fitted out some time in 1960

There are other slides associated with this one including a nice one with a group of Vulcan Staff that I failed to aquire as the price it gained was too high. If you are reading this and own the slides it would be nice to have a copy of the one with staff on it so other visitors to the site could identify the people in it.

Photo supplied by Graeme Pilkington

Vulcan GEC Industrial Locomotive

Unidentified Vulcan GEC Industrial Locomotive photo taken sometime after 1975

Help with identiying and dating this one would be appreciated, photo is off a print supplied by Garry Edwards and is the best I can offer.


Vulcan Foundry 5 types traction december 1960
Image from original colour slide entitled Five Types of Traction December 1960
If we are talking type it looks like three to me though i.e. Electric, Diesel Electric and Gas Turbine.
 Photo was not taken on a very good day to say the least!

Pickfords Transporter with East African Railways Steam Locomotive Summer 1955

George Stephensons Bust
It's Summer 1955 and the chaps from Pickfords are pictured on the A580 East Lancashire Road with their load an East African Railways 2-8-4, the last big steam order for the Vulcan
George Stephensons bust sitting amidst the neatly tended grounds in front of the ????
lister autotruck kids ride.jpg (93749 bytes) early 4rk new test bed 1960s.jpg (147583 bytes)
Lister Autotruck kids ride for Vulcan Sports Day
(see video footage as well)

Diesel Test Bed

4SRKT 500hp diesel engine fitted with a Napier MS100 turbocharger (mounted on the RH end)
on test  for BR Southern Region Diesel Locomotives this particular engine was fitted to 1001 on
the Hastings/ London run. After the first 13 units the power output was increased to 600hp
and the turbo changed to a larger MS200.
Thanks to Brian Orrell (former engineer in-charge) for the above information
diesel erection shop negative 1958.JPG (115954 bytes) erection shop 1 12-5-1959s.jpg (82289 bytes)
The Diesel Erection Shop 1958 The Diesel Erection Shop on 12th May 1959 showing the assembly
 of Type 4 Locomotives (BR Class 40's).
The Diesel Gen sets in bottom RH corner are 16SVT 2000Hp at 850 rpm
 built at EECo Preston. Each gen set fitted with 4 MS100 turbochargers.
 In other words its really 4 x the 4SRKT shown on test bed photo above.
Thanks to Brian Orrell for the above information