Vulcan Foundry Cine Film

Links to films now fixed (thanks Micheal) 

We have been fortunate enough to acquire over 1000' of 16mm film footage shot around and about the Vulcan.

Converting this footage professionally is expensive and beyond the means of this not for profit free to view website. I have contacted the Warrington Cine & Video Society but they were unable to help as none of their members has a projector anymore so why they have Cine in their title is beyond me!  Anyway I have purchased a high quality (in its day) Bell & Howell projector and in the best British tradition of 'make do & mend' have used a digital camcorder to find out what is on the reels of film and make the most of it.

P.S. If you have any problems viewing the films you will need to download the free DivX player and its codec from here.

Vulcan sports day 1952/3 Train arriving at Vulcan Halt Display of Vulcan Locomotives Institute of Locomotive Engineers Visit
locomotive testing vulcan foundry erecting shop vulcan steam locomotive first run edward box road haulage
Final Fettling A crane trip through the erecting shop Test Steaming Edward Box Road Transport

The footage on this page are all taken from the original 16mm film ( and are provided as is for historical information and personal use only 
their reproduction or sale elsewhere is viewed as a dishonest activity against the spirit in which they have been published.