The people listed below have taken time to donate or submit significant material for the site

Bill Welding Bill Welding (now sadly deceased) shown here at work assembling a large diesel has donated a large amount of material from the late 1940's through to the late 1960's. William Bill Welding  Bill Welding &
Brian Orrell Brian rallied together with former work colleagues Jimmy France and Bert Lyon to supply 10 copies of the Vulcan Magazine that now leaves the site only 3 issues short of the full set.

Bert Lyon and Brian Orrell

Alan Williams Alan served his Apprenticeship in the Milling and erecting Shops at the Vulcan and has kindly supplied 20 Vulcan Magazines for the site although 13 of them were duplicates the 7 that were not have filled in the years 1952 & 1953 where we had a big gap. Alan is in the centre of the photograph on the right which was taken in 1954 during the testing of a 2-10-2 locomotive built for the Iranian State Railways. A full size copy of this photograph  is available here.

David Jarrett Dave has sent in photographs of his father Les Jarrett to add to the photograph in 'The Works' section that has his uncle Ken Johnson on it. Both Les and Ken were Borers at the works using the large boring machines to machine up the large (and expensive) castings.

Les Jarrett

George Jennings George has scanned a couple of his magazines for the site one for 1954 the other for 1955. They originally belonged to his grandfather George Andrews who worked at the foundry for over 40 years and got their long service medal. Unfortunately his Vulcan long service medal was stolen from his grandmothers house a few years ago. If anyone knows the whereabouts of George's medal send me an email and hopefully we can get it back to its rightful owner.  
Dave Harris Dave supplied two of the last three outstanding issues of the Vulcan magazine. Dave's father ran the Vulcan institute club (at the top of the hill near the bus car park) now demolished and we were lucky to be given a large collection of "Vulcan Magazines".  
Sue Arnold Sue and her mother have donated a large number of Vulcan Magazines from the early 1960's, both her mother and father John Pilling worked at the foundry at this time. John is pictured second from the left in the photograph on the right taken in 1958 at the Vulcan Sports Club. John Pilling
Kath Howarth Donated a considerable amount material from the estate of her parents Dorothy and Ken Eaton who both worked at the Vulcan. Dorothy being particularly relevant to the site as she was a former works photographer and is photographed at work on the right.

Dorothy Eaton at Work in the Vulcan Print Room

Dorcus Kilduff Whose grandfather was Harold Hulme (chief engineer till 1965) and father was Donald Hulme (worked at the foundry late 40's to early 50's) scanned some particularly impressive photo's for the site.  
Colin & Ian Ralphs Father and son combination who worked at the Foundry from the early 60's through to the late 90's  
Roy Whittaker Served his apprenticeship at the foundry in the 1950's but left in the early 60's and donated a large proportion of the Vulcan Magazines on the site.  
Jack Gibson Worked at the foundry from the late 1940's and from whose estate the original material came from that started the site.  
Tony Davin  Tony has donated 24 Vulcan Magazines to the site and although 17 are duplicates the other 7 have filled in some important gaps.  
Garry Edwards Garry was an English Electric Bradford apprentice who transferred to the Vulcan to complete his apprenticeship in 1970-71 and thereafter a Turner in Bay 6 until 1973 and after a year elsewhere returned as a Ratefixer for Bay 1 (Cylinder Heads and Conrods) and Bays 2-4 Major Units (Crankcases and Bedplates until he moved to Scotland in 1979. Garry donated photographic material rediscovered whilst clearing out his loft.  
Steven Dowd Webmaster of supplied the last issue of the Vulcan Magazine required to complete the set on the site and what was once thought to be a near impossible task.