Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns

We have come across a not inconsiderable amount of material relating to Robert Stephensons works in Darlington during the construction of the 
Vulcan site so this page has now been created to accommodate some of the more interesting items.

A small selection of Photographs are shown below for the time being, the page will be added to when I have more time.

Do you know any of the workers/apprentices, if so then let me know.

robert stephenson hawthorn apprentices with loco.jpg (172564 bytes)
A group of Apprentices from the late 1940's / early 50's
9th from the right of those standing is William (Bill) Harris (1926-2012) spotted by his son John.  
RS&H 7191 cropped.jpg (411927 bytes)
The loco in the photo to the left minus workers.
Stephenson's Rocket winner of the Rainhill Trials
The RS&H works built a Rocket replica for the Henry Ford Museum in 1929 its provenance as near to the original thing as you can get
Rocket Replica & LNER loco 'Bayardo'
 Some idea of the scale of the Rocket next to another RS&H product 'Bayardo'
RS&H Streamliner Baghdad to Mosul Railway.jpg (494481 bytes)
Another interesting loco built for the Baghdad & Mosul Railway in Iraq the streamlining was very impressive but useless on the line it operated on as it went from twin to single track halfway between the cities.
RS&H - 7654 - 1951.jpg (264268 bytes)
Locomotive built in 1951 by RS&H


RS&H M1 Tasmanian Government Railways
Locomotive built for the Tasmania Government Railway in the mid 1950s.
RS&H LNER 2870 Tottenham Hotspur
LNER locomotive Tottenhan Hotspur built by RS&H

The images on this page are all taken from the original negatives ( and are provided at a generous resolution for historical information and personal use only reproduction/sale elsewhere is viewed as a dishonest activity against the spirit in which they have been published.