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Scrap Book - Press Cuttings 1980-84 


Din Disc Releases


Din 4 - October 1979

insect love.jpg (105610 bytes)Insect Love / Cheesies and Gum

Folded card sleeve (lyrics inside) in a grip top bag.

You are unlikely to find complete with bag.


Din 9 - January 1980

echo beach.jpg (102849 bytes)Echo Beach / Teddy the Dink

The biggest hit but arguably not the best.

The version of Teddy the Dink on the B-side is far better than the album cut on Trance & Dance

Where is echo beach (somebodys imagination)


VA6800 -

va68000.jpg (59700 bytes)Echo Beach Stereo / Echo Beach Mono

DJ Promo Freebie - Stereo on A-side, Mono on B-side

The back of the sleeve (sleeve labelled VA68000 matching record) quotes 1-4-6 as the B-side incorrectly 1-4-6 appeared later as the B-side to About Insomnia (Din 19)


Din 17 - May 1980

Saigon.jpg (88185 bytes)Saigon / Copacabana

The B-Side is a double grooved pressing.

 i.e. two versions on the same side, the one that plays depending on which groove the stylus lands in.


Din 19 - July 1980

about insomnia.jpg (62645 bytes)About Insomnia / 1 4 6

Picture Sleeve with clear green vinyl disc in UK




Din 21 - August 1980

Suburban dream.jpg (137955 bytes)Suburban Dream / Girl Fat



DEP 1 - September 1980

tour live ep.jpg (47283 bytes)1980 Tour live EP

The only live material ever released.

A must have, given away free with early copies of Trance & Dance LP.

Contains excellent live performances of Indecision/Cheesies & Gum/Primal Weekend & Paint by Number Heart.


Din 27 - November 1980

was ezo.jpg (126728 bytes)Was Ezo / Trance & Dance

Desparation sets in at Din Disc.

These two tracks are album tracks and not in the same league as the previous 7" releases.


Din 34 - August 1981

watwaw.jpg (54806 bytes)Women around the world at work / In Cincinatti

The only single release off the classic album 'This is the ice age'.


Good tracks straight from This is the Ice Age.


Din Disc collapses - 1981

RCA Releases

RCA 331 - May 1983

danseparc.jpg (81657 bytes)Danseparc (Everyday It's Tomorrow) / Whatever Happened to Radio Valve Road?


The 12" version on RCA T 331 has bongo's on it.



RCA 426 - July 1984

bsws.jpg (171544 bytes)Black Station-White Stations / XOA OHO

Excellent Single Release - With better promotion should have done well in the UK

The only thing that dates this track now is 'this is 1984' in the lyrics.


Check out the 12" version PC10008 for a different version plus an instrumental cut.