This was definitely the last intake year.

Julie Wood, Carl Johnson, Simon Hughes, James Richards

As this photo contains 100% genuine apprentices I have put it first after James Richards pointed out that there were NNC apprentices as well as those in the next photo below.

James informs us that the photo contains himself,  Julie Wood, Carl Johnson and Simon Hughes, who designed an ultrasonic inspection scanner that became known as "SWIS" (Saddle Weld Inspection System).  From what James  remembers, an ex-RAT had formed the company Phoenix Inspection Services and approached the training school to design the system as a "training exercise".  The thing that sticks in my mind to this day though was that chap from Phoenix Inspection Services (Carl somebody I think), said that since we were designing the kit, we could name it.  My fellow RAT and partner in crime throughout the years, Cameron Forest, came up with the superb name "Phoenix External Nozzle Inspection System", which (I cannot for life of me understand why) never made it on to the product!!!

1989 was the last intake at the Risley training school before it was shut and sold off piece by piece to the apprentices and trainers. There were only a handful of apprentices this year, so the intake photo was padded out with 'ABC' (accounts, business & computing) trainees.

Photo Kindly provided by Paul Belshaw, front row, far right.