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'86 Intake outside the training school in September '86

Back Row:  Andy McIvor, Mark Boughton, Adrian Russell, Ian Topping, Steve Bradshaw, Tony Pilkington, Ian Graham, Steven Worrall, Joe Burke, ??, Stuart Malem, Nick Aspinall, Lee Schofield, Phil Ashurst.
Middle Row:  Dave Probert, ??, John Collier, Richard Capstick, Paul Bedworth, Mike Houghton, Alan Bacon, Mark Hibbert, Andrew Williams, Mark Eckersley, John Hodgkinson, Steve Simms, Nicola Roscoe, Sue Byrne.
Front Row:
  Duncan Leeks, Mike Wardle, Ian Bromilow, John McGarty, Ian Martindale,Chris Mullarkey, Peter Lloyd, Mike Garcia, Phil Newton, Paul Lyons, Steve Clough, Nick Shearer, Steve Hilton, Geoff Ward.

Big thanks to Chris Mullarkey for supplying these photographs.

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Chris says about this photo:  'German Exchange visit, where those pictured stayed resident at the Padgate Campus during the exchange. The photo has a strange mix of UK apprentices (from a range of years) and Staff, and German Apprentices and staff. This picture must have been taken around 1989, but I cannot be certain of this.'
The ones that I do know the names of are:-

Back Row:  Kevin Starkey, Dave Probert, German, German, German, xx, German, Derek Davies, Chris Mullarkey, John McGarty, Ian Bromilow.
Middle Row:  German, Sue Byrne, xx, xx, John Cummings, German, Translator- Katia, German, German, German, Steve Hilton
Front Row:  Gavin Pinion, xx, German, Richard Capstick, Andrew Williams, xx, Mike Wardle, Ian Martinale, xx.


1986 Electrical in 1990 enhanced.jpg (77760 bytes)

Nicola Roscoe has rooted out this sunlit photograph of the 1986 electrical apprentices taken in 1990.