Numbers of apprentices were now getting slimmer by '85 compared to previous years. 

Thus marking the beginning of the end for the apprentice training school.

1985 Intake.jpg (292016 bytes)

'85 Intake outside the training school in September '85

Front (L-R): Chris (Lil) Dawson, Roy Carter, Andy Mantle, Mike Silver, Kevan O'Neil, Mel Coyne, Ian Reynolds, Dominic Middlehurst, Steve Hunt, Anthony (Ratters) Ratcliffe.
Second Row: Chris Clowes, Mark Cowan, Jon Woodcock, Peter Hampson, Craig Rogers, Nigel Smith, Keith Parker, Tony Hold, Mike Parry, Ian Muatt, Mark (Den) Watts.
Third Row: Tony Williams, Mark Blackburn, Darren Ward, Michael Gibbons, Phil Vaughan
4th Row: Andy Lewis, Ste (Dinah) O'Donnell,Tony Knowles, Bill Foster,Paul French, Martin Sackfield, Greg Hatton, Dean Ratcliffe, Paul Adamson.
5th Row: Steve Troilett, John Walker, Ian Sankey, Ian Holker, John Mercer, Andy Lindley, Chris Ward, Tony Gibson, Russell Kindley, Rob Waywell, Dave Gibson.
Back Row: Russell Clarkson, Ste Marnell, Phil Haigh, Andy Slater, Rob Prosser, Ian Forshaw, Neil Forshaw

1985 intake had  a NTL apprentice (Martin Sackfield) as well as the usual bunch from BNFL/UKAEA/NNC.

This was the last large intake of apprentices and contained an amazing array of characters many of whom 
can still be seen at various companies around the old site today.

Thanks to Mike Silver for the info and taking the time to work out all the names.

85_intake_signing_indentures.jpg (629148 bytes)

85-89_intake_Daten_89.jpg (529833 bytes)

85-89_end_of_time_dinner.jpg (114664 bytes)

The 1985 intake, after signing their lives away at the 'indenture ceremony'. 

The 1985 intake in 1989 at the Daten social club in Culcheth plus exchange students.

For those that don't know Daten stood for 'Department of Atomic Energy'.

The 1985 intake end of time dinner in 1989.

No chairs or guest speaker!