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The BNFL part of the 1984 intake pictured outside the famous 'copper canopy' 
situated the entrance to the old 'A-Block'
. 'A' block was a bit of a historical 
gem itself as it had  paternosters, the elevator equivalent of a  white knuckle ride.


Photo kindly supplied by Frank Gladman without Dave Ashton's Knowledge.

The  UKAEA & NNC  half of the 1984 intake pictured outside the
training school.
Photo kindly supplied by Mike Davidson.

Front Row, .Mike Davidson, Mike Stilgoe, Keith Wilson, Paul Harrison, Bryan Rawling, Ian Charlesworth, Graeme Jones, Neil Gerrard
Middle Row, Ian Spencer, Scott Williams, Mark Reddy, Steven Millar, Mike Harrison, Steve Smith L, Norman Davies
Back Row, Derek Bailey, Warren Cox, Ste McCormack, Andrew Barton, Phil Easton, Steve Silcock, Mike Ince, Chris Pilkington, ?.


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Hollowford recreation room, from left to right

Frank Gladman, Graeme Foster, Martin Boardman, Martin Ward, Mark Abbott & Dave Ashton

Hollowford again with from left to right

Colin Oakley, Mike Fitzmartin, Ian Clough, Dave Ashton, Jimmy Stringer, Dave Ashton, Vera Williamson (BNFL training manager) Tina & Sue (clericals)

More jollity at Hollowford

Mike Fitzmartin, Tina & Sue (clericals), Dave Ashton, Jimmy Stringer, Colin Oakley, John Casey, Ryan Lynskey, Ian Clough

The above photos were supplied by Dave Ashton (not Frank Gladman) and are of the 1984 Intake

outward bound course at Hollowford in Castleton (Lindley Lodge)


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The apprentice motor, not like Grease's 'greased lightnin' but just as much fun all the same as it was your first one.

Left to right: -  Phil ? (It was his Mini), Mike Collier,
Stephen Parry & Dave Royal.