1982 was a particularly larger than life intake of apprentices in more ways than one

Risley Apprentices 1982 Intake

1982 Intake photographed in the usual spot looking towards the front entrance of the training school.


Photo kindly supplied by Andy Rimmer


Photo scanned from a water damaged original and retouched from the stained original Andy has promised a better copy when he finds it.


Peter Code has checked out this photo and added the who's who for those of us who have forgot!


BackRow:- A.Jarrett, G.S.Oldknow, A.Glover, P.A.Birkett, I.Harrison, M.Wilks, M.D.Lowe, I.D.Blackburn, M.K.Frost, G.C.Hignett, J.K.Earnshaw, D.Wilson, P.N.Simpson. 

4th Row:- P.M.Smith, P.J.Howard, K.W.Richardson, J.C.Hall, R.Griffiths, G.Peers, A.Speakman, C.J.Haste, A.C.Jackson, M.Nevin, S.O.Bartrop, G.J.Taylor, D.Birchall, N.J.Williams, D.P.Hill, S.J.Brookes, P.T.Hackett. 3rd Row:- M.R.Walker, I.Tushingham, S.A.Mutch, Andy F, G.Radcliffe, J.Rankin, P.Cunliffe, D.J.Eckersley, D.P.Heavey, P.A.Hoy, P.A.Berrisford, J.L.Balmer, S.J.Smith, D.J.Mason, I.Pheasey, A.Hatton, N.J.Kerr 

2nd Row:- D.Salam, R.Price, H.Jones, A.Fielding, C.J.Hewertson, M.Brooks, J.A.Hoyles, P.M.Farr, C.D.Howel, A.D.Rimmer, M.C.Page, P.C.Dobson, S.J.Brownlow, M.Prescott, J.A.Martin, A.E.Marsh, D.N.Whalley, S.Mills, A.P.Gunn 

Front Row:- G.J.Buckley, S.G.Baldwin, P.Code, D.Lomax, M.Clair, D.White, D.J.Collett, D.P.Giles, Andrea Taylor, Patricia Yates, Patricia Whitley, Anne-Marie McDonald, Cathryn Taylor, Amanda J.Herbertson, I.N.Wike, N.Hill, S.Andrews, C.J.Hind, W.A.Buckles.

gokart-1984.jpg (101529 bytes)

EoT Dinner 1982 Intake.jpg (545977 bytes)

1982 Intake with the 1984 entry to the Harwell Go-cart endurance race.

A team comprising of the fittest apprentices would pedal this weighty beast around a specially laid out track at UKAEA Harwell (in turns) all day.

The winner being the cart that traveled the greatest distance.



Photo Supplied by Paul Simpson

1982 EOT Dinner



Photo Supplied by Dave 'Beast' Heavey

Benny Hill, Paul Howard, Dave Heavey, Colin Howell, Jane Herbertson, Dave Hill

Team Photo taken during the first weeks "Induction Course" at the end of the Sports Day at Culcheths ??? Field.
Back Row ... Dave (DP) Hill, Jane Herbertson, Colin Howell
Front Row ... Paul (Benny) Hill, Paul (Woody) Howard, Dave (Beast*) Heavey

Photo Supplied by Dave 'Beast' Heavey

1982_tony hatton_s.jpg (165353 bytes)

Another 'Team' photo taken at the same time as the one on the left.

Left to Right Back: Alec Glover, Andrew Fielding , Peter Hackett
Front Row: Andy F, Tony Hatton, Darren Giles

Photo Supplied by Tony Hatton


RATS 82.jpg (381465 bytes)

Another photo:
Left to Right Back: Omar Salam,  Paul Simpson , Mike Prescott, Ron Price
Front Row: 
Geoff Radcliffe, ??, Steve Smith

Photo Supplied by Geoff Radcliffe

trishfootie.jpg (154708 bytes)

Yet another photo:
Left to Right Back: ??,  Trisha Whitley , Martin Wilks
Front Row: 
Ian Wike, Mark Walker, Neil Whalley

Photo Supplied by Trisha