Group Photographs

Sellafield Apprentices

 John Morris has sent this photograph in with Beaker in his usual position.
With three groups of apprentices we must now have everyone from 1980 on this page.

1980 Electrical? Apprentices at Windscale

This looks like about half the 1980 intake on the steps as usual, can someone name everybody for me?

1980 Mechanical Apprentices at Windscale  Beaker

This is the other half of the 1980 intake, can't remember the name of the instructor at the top right on both pictures other than we used to call him 'Beaker' as on the muppets.

High resolution photo's scanned by Dave Gough Photo supplied by Dave Harrop
Sept_1980.jpg (129381 bytes) dharrop2s.jpg (34060 bytes)

The 1980 intake pictured in the first week or so outside the training school.

This was quite a popular spot for group photographs and all of these (one for each year) were hung up in the reception area of the admin block. This one was captured for posterity by the direct action of Dave Gough who relieved it from its position on the wall when he left.

High resolution photo's scanned by Dave Gough

Dave Harrop and fellow apprentices with stainless steel object of some significance. 


So from left to right its Dave Harrop,  ? , ? , Tony Carter & Alastair Holt


(Somebody name the others for me and the object)


Photo supplied by Dave Harrop

apprentices 002c.jpg (125962 bytes) apprentices 001c.jpg (108065 bytes)
End of time dinner group photo in 1984

Photo supplied by Carol Farr (Smith)

Not sure on this one might be taken in September 1980

Photo supplied by Carol Farr (smith)


1980 Intake End of Time Dinner (1984)


Table Photographs

1980_intake_gals_1984.jpg (148753 bytes) End of time 1984 ('80 intake) Ross Hackett, Alastair Holt, Mark Prytherch, Steven York, Chris Jones
Carol Farr ~(now Smith) sent us this nice one of the the girls from the '80 intake in 1984 complete with Tankards and Youngers Light Ale.

Left to right

Back row (the guys):-  Gary Farnworth, Phil Miller, John Mahon, Derek Conroy, David Birtles

Front row (the gals):- Maggie ?, Christine McKeogh, Lorraine Sayers, Jo-Ann Brockie, Carol Farr.

Ross Hackett sent this one cos' he's on it, tinned ale must have been really bad a quarter of a century ago!

Left to right:- Ross Hackett, Alastair Holt, Mark Prytherch, Steven York, Chris Jones, Mark Dytor

1980 EOT various 1(50%).jpg (41927 bytes)

1980 EOT various 2(50%).jpg (42452 bytes)

1980 EOT various 3(50%).jpg (45270 bytes)

1980 EOT various 4(50%).jpg (30852 bytes)

Table 1:- Paul Yarwood, Paul McCabe, Mark Whalley
Table 2:-  Ian Probert, Derek Bate, Stubbsy,
Birtles, Derek Conroy, Jon Marsh, Gareth Mills and  Monty
Table 3:- George Lyons, Brenda etc, plus '83 intake imposters Helen Linkman & Gill Haworth Table 4 featuring Gino, Mike (Bobby) Brown and  Radar to name but a few
1980 lads_s.jpg (153691 bytes)

Derek Conroy has sent another 1980 intake photo courtesy of Gary Farnworth.
Back row : Chris Jones, ?
Middle row : Derek Conroy (me), Gary Farnworth, Bryn Griffiths, Dave Birtles.
Front row : ?