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Things seemed to be more organised in the 1970's, somebody even had the foresight to add everyone's name to save me the trouble.

Keith's on the next to back row along with Sue Caul, someone who  I can remember. 

You can witness  the demise of the winged collar and the rise of the sweat shirt on this one.


Photo kindly supplied by Keith Dolphin

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Pete Frangleton, Mike Bradley, head in the middle Neil Bramhall, Mark Frankl, Chris Wood, Al Whittaker..........not sure who that is at the back.

John Summersgill, Mark Frankl choking Pete Frangleton, Ian Turner and Dave Percival. At the back half of Al Whittaker and Neil Bramhall. Neil Bramhall and Al Whittaker
Bit of a party going on here so could do with something to write about it here, names to faces (left to right) would be nice too.

Photo's kindly supplied by Dianne Leake commentary by Neil Bramhall.

1978 group photo in 1982 - 1.jpg (250323 bytes) 1978 group photo in 1982 - 2.jpg (435936 bytes)
What a difference 4 years makes, I'm not even sure these are the same bunch as in the first photograph!
Anyway Andy Atherton sent these in after a surprise discovery whilst clearing his loft out so 1978 intake it must be.