1977small.jpg (85234 bytes)

1977 Intake photographed looking away from the training school.

The raised grass bank must have been removed as I don't remember it myself and later photographs 

were always taken looking towards the school itself  using the bank to make those behind visible.


Anyone on this photo still working at BNFL or UKAEA has done over 25 years!

Photo kindly supplied by Roy Pitt

Note: there is a mistake in the role of honour, K. Quint and K. Leyland should be reversed.

Worsley Old Hall Medieval Banquet 1970s.jpg (424346 bytes)

Lee Giles has submitted this which proves brown was going out of fashion by 1978. 


Lee says; 'This picture was taken during an evening out to a medieval banquet at Worseley Old hall sometime during 1978, I can't remember exactly what month but I do remember having a great time. Most of the guys in the picture are from my intake year 1977 with some other guys from the previous year pictured more toward the background. Starting at the backside of the table from left to right is myself ,Kevin Peake, Philip Wisedale, Kevin Leyland and on the nearside of the table from left to right is Ian Parkinson, Tony Davin, Stuart Pike, Gareth Twiss. I cannot remember the names of any of the others in the photo 'sorry'.'

group photo end of time dinner crop.jpg (54721 bytes) Phil Wisedale, Lee Giles & Ian Burman
Roy Pitt, Stuart Pike, Ken Bentley, K.Quint??, Kev Leyland, M Saunders, Gareth Twiss, Pete Frangleton,???,Lee Giles, J Cartwright??, Kev Peake Phil Wisedale, Lee Giles & Ian Burman
Tony Davin wild eyed and legless dave and lorraine.jpg (41569 bytes)
Tony Davin (above) sent this group of four photographs in, Cheers. Lorraine Tabener, David Houghton - before they were