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Austin Dale has had a rummage and dug this little gem out for us to enjoy.

Austin says 'The above photo is of the Second group of 1975 Risley Intake to visit Poole. They are mainly Sparkies and Instrument Mechs, with a couple of Clankies thrown in. We did not have access to clubs with the same freedom as the Mechanical group from the previous week as they'd got us barred before we even got there.'

  Left to right

Back Row:- ? Kirkpatrick, ? White, Keith Whittle, Martin?, Derek Calland, Chris Lawless, Malc Hughes, Steven Savage, Dave Morris.

Front Row:-  Andrew Berry, Gary Philips (Clanky), Paul Foster, Austin Dale.


Steve Prescott has dug this little gem out for us to enjoy.

Steve says 'Most of the 1975 Mechanical intake at Poole. The spark was called sixty because he walked at a sixty degree angle leaning forwards. The Female was a student from Sellafield and was not with us for long.'

  Left to right

Back row:- Stan Ogden, John Kelly, Colin Evans, Paul (Tog) Brown, Rob Done, Steven Prescott, Ross Parker, Ken Bentley, Robin Clark, 
Mark Kelly, Robin Arkwright, female student, Dave Taylor.

Sort of middle row:- Ian Hodgson, Richard (Dicky) Middleton
L, Chris Morley, Geoff Woods, Barry (Baz) Probert.

Front row left to right:- Mike Ricard (1974 intake), Paul Web, Ian Hodgson, Chris Hale, ? sixty (spark), John Moss


Photo kindly supplied by Steve Prescott ('75)

Warrington Tech 1979-1.jpg (54800 bytes) Warrington Tech 1979-2.jpg (64377 bytes)

1975 Intake Mechanicals at Warrington Technical College around May 79
From the back row: Dave (Jack Dick) Taylor, Ian Hodgson, (Dave ?), John Moss
Middle row: Ross Parker, Chris Morley, Dave Owen, Paul (Tog) Brown
Seated: Robert Done, Colin Evans, Ken Bentley, Gary Phillips
Same guys in the corridor pic.
Photos kindly supplied by Ken Bentley