We have had to resort to the Poole photographs for the 1974 intake due to the rather secretive nature of their work.

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Part of 1974 Apprentice Intake at Poole Dorset

Ian Goulden has supplied this one

Ian says, 'I am a bit rusty on the names, but here goes, Steve Pickering may be
able to help me out with some of the "sparkies" names.'
I recall there was also a lady called "Sue Livesey" with us on the
Poole trip, am not sure why she did not make it to the photo, I have a
feeling she got injured on the expedition walk, and had to return home.
Front Row L - R: Gareth David Jones, Robert (Bob) Wilkinson, Steve
Goldsmith, Unknown 2nd Row: Dave (Doug) Arundale; Unknown; Unknown;
Unknown; Pauline Aldred; Barbara Doubledam 3rd Row: Kevin Shuttleworth;
Unknown; Ian Goulden; Unknown; Roy Mok Back Row: Instructor; Instructor;
Stephen (Steve) Pickering; Anthony (Tony) ?

and Stuart Metcalfe ('73) sent this one in

As Stuart says, 'Everyone except me (fourth from left) is from the 1974 intake (year after me) you don't appear to have any other photo's of these guys. I went with them because I missed the year before with a broken hand. The only name that I remember is Brian Metcalfe (no relation) second from left.'

You've all been helping with this one, we have names to faces thanks to Paul Foster, Bernie Baxter & Bob Millington. Here goes, correct me if I'm wrong.

Left to right:  John 'spanner' Spencer, Brian Metcalf, Steve Grimshaw, Stuart Metcalf, Karl Roberts, Tom Morgan, ?, Brian Moody,  Paul 'foxy' Fox, Ian Brooks, Tony Roberts, Bob Millington, Ian McMurran