1973 have now arrived on the site with these two photo's.

Bernie Baxter has come up trumps with the one on the left, though the one on the right betrays its origin as it was scanned from the pages of the BNFL news who I'm sure will supply us a decent copy one day. 

1973_intake_s.JPG (92841 bytes) 1973_now.jpg (42293 bytes)

Back row left to right
Dave Thomas, Martin Harrop, Dave (Charlie) Mee, Pete Sumner, Bernie Baxter (me!) Gary (Woody) Woods, Dave Lowe, Steve (Shiner) Wright.

Front row left to right
Dave (Harry) Harrison, Dave Pugh, Stuart (Twontwon) Metcalf, Ian (Scotty) Scott, John (Kempy) Kempster,
Chris Connairn, Arthur Williams.

Hard to believe this is the top ten per cent of the top ten per cent of the people that applied that year, especially when you look at the imagination that went into the nicknames.

Nice Story about Twontwon

Stuart (Twontwon) Metcalf  was very very posh and his usual reply when asked, for instance, do you want a sausage roll?  was
'no thanks I don't twontwon', and it stuck


Photo kindly supplied by Bernie Baxter