Welcome to 1969 and the official group photo took in front of a very different looking training school frontage to later years.
This must have been one of the first group photo's taken in front of the building as the office/reception extension is not on the photo.

1969.jpg (44961 bytes)
 1 Paul Carr, 2 Steve Mullen, 3 Ken Pilkington, 4 Rodney Birchall, 5 Alan Jenkinson, 6 Mike Bailey, 7 Martin Grimoldby, 8 Joey Dobson, 9 Keith Tickle, 10 Tom Bailey, 11 Les Murray, 12 Dave Eckersley, 13 Ken Phillips, 14 Keith Brown, 15 Terry Martleton, 16 Max Dutton  (ME), 17 Alan Disley, 18 Ian Sutton


Photo kindly supplied by Max Dutton