Here's a starter photo for the 1967 intake, taken in 1970 at their end of sentence dinner.

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L to R Sam Beswick, Brian Harrison, Phil Egington, (Dave Lyon hiding), Les Ireland, Ed Wooley, 'Bill' Bailey, Brian Mackie, and Andy Jackson


Photo kindly supplied by Andy Jackson


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The remnants of the 1967 intake on their pilgrimage to the remnants of Egdon Hall Hostel in April 2008. After a nostalgic journey by minibus to Weymouth the boys attempted to relive the experiences of 1967/68 in Dorset (with some successes I have to say!). Nostalgic visits were made to the Winfrith Heath site and Lulworth Cove (why did they choose to sleep on the beach all those years ago?).

L-R Dave Boydell, Alan Hughes, Brian MacKie, Andy Jackson, Ed Wooley, Paul (Nodge) Milsom, Les Ireland, Lee Halliwell, Mike Kelly, Brian Harrison, Phil Eggington, John Giles, Sam Beswick.
Sam Beswick seems to take the Trophy for the Best Preserved Apprentice.
Photo Courtesy of Brian Harrison