Risley Apprentice Training School Demolition March 2014

Looks like the main training school building will soon be gone as demolition progresses. The flat roofed non-asbestos bit has been demolished first and I guess the original Royal Ordnance factory buildings will be next.

Risley Apprentice Training School Buildings 5A1 and 5A3 former Risley Royal Ordenance Factory 6 Risley Apprentice Machine Shop - ROF Building 5B3
IMAG0442.jpg (1422121 bytes) Risley ROF Building 5B3 Demolition

Hats off for the tip-off.

Mike Pinions Mechanical Workshop - Former Royal Ordnance Factory Risley  Building 5B1

Looks like Mike Pinions mechanical workshop will last a bit longer though as it has a better roof, should be listed and turned into a little ROF museum.