Risley Apprentice Training School



Now for the Apprentice Magazine which peaked in popularity during the mid seventies and then slowly died out. 
I think I can remember seeing something in the early eighties that wasn't quite as grand as the earlier ones on display here.

Anyway here's the earliest one acquired to date from July '68. 

app_mag_68_p1.jpg (82363 bytes)

app_mag_68_p2.jpg (97895 bytes)

app_mag_68_p3.jpg (99906 bytes)

app_mag_68_p4.jpg (71283 bytes)

Page 1

Presentation of a tangible memento hand crafted by apprentices,  these must be serious collectors items now (apprentice pieces). 
Does anyone out there have one we can have a photo of?

Page 2

Magazine vetted by 'several responsible bodies' and 'various changes in association attitude and policy have been effected'. 
Was somebody naughty - tell me more.

Page 3

Nice facilities proposed that to my knowledge never materialised.

Page 4

The Germans and Dorset folk always the butt of a good joke.

app_mag_68_p5.jpg (67973 bytes)

app_mag_68_p6.jpg (90532 bytes)

app_mag_68_p7.jpg (106925 bytes)

app_mag_68_p8.jpg (97050 bytes)

Page 5

ist thi awreet mon

Got seriously verbally affected by this in the space of 6 months at Risley, this article explains a lot.

Page 6


Did we ever win much when competing against the likes of harwell?

Page 7

Manchester United vs Real Madrid

Was the reporter the late John Jones known as JJ who later worked as a fitter in RD3, washed in his own personal drum of Genkleen and always took his apprentice to the canteen bar for lunch.

Page 8

More apprentice jokes.

These can be updated and used again.

Joke 2, swap Sophia Loren for Jordan etc.


Big Thanks to John Hankin for the above.


Two more will follow shortly from '71 (courtesy of Allan Burge) and '78 courtesy of Paul Wilkinson.