Risley Apprentice Training School

I think the year is 1986 with mix of first and third year apprentices i.e. '83/'85 intake

(Thanks for everyones help so far for identifying folks in the brochure but were still stuck on the sparkies)


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Page 1

Dave Millington with Tony Ratcliffe (top left), Phil Housman (bottom left) and Mark Blackburn (right).

Page 2

Pages 3 & 4

The apprentice drawing office with Phil Mottershead (foreground) in front of Ian Forshaw and Martin Boardman with John Royle and Keith (I like vimto so much I drink it neat) Ashworth supervising in the background.

Small picture on the left Mike Parry and Mark Cowin on  CNC machine.

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Page 5

Top Left: Paul Adamson, Mel Coyne and John Royle.

Top Right: Jack Philips & Greg Hatton

Bottom Left: Dean Ratcliffe, Steve Hunt  with Roy Carter Kneeling.

Bottom Right: Baz Lyons and ?

Page 6

Electrical goings on  if you turn this little knob on the left ere we might get Channel 4.

Left to Right: John McGarty, Craig Brown, Phil Holding, Clive Dunbobbin.

Page 7

Too old for an apprentice looks like an instructor (Jim Harrison) down this hole.

Page 8

Most if not all did better than this flowchart

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Pages 9 & 10

Apprentice Machine Shop

I confess here to falling in love with a 1942 vintage Kearney and Trekker milling machine just in view at the back right of the shop.

Foreground to background - Jim Harrison is with Ian Martindale,  Greg Hatton is being told what to do by  Jack Philips, Neil Forshaw is pretending to read and Phil Haige is doin-a-bit.


Brochure kindly supplied by Graeme Ball