Risley Apprentice Training School



Need help with this one, the brochure may have been in a folder as it seems to have two front pages. The rest of the photo's are definitely a mix of older photographs so as I myself am '83 vintage things now get a LITTLE MURKY so I have just numbered the pages for the time being and I will rely on all the ex-RATS out there to fill in the details.

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Page 1

Jim Harrison & William (Billy) Mather '79 in the foreground with Steve Shelley in the background

Page 2

The instructor is Joe Toft, the girls are Lesley Wright (pink top), Andrea Scrivens (curly hair) & ?

Page 3

Pauline Aldred one of the three girls from the '74 intake (The first year girls were recruited)

Page 4

John Hughes with Steve 'Bing' Crosby '79 intake.

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Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Pete Whitehead and Ian Barnwell (background) with Dave Crompton on the miller in the foreground

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Page 9

Ian Barnwell '79 on drawing board

Page 10

The instructor is Terry Muatt who was in charge of the Instrument workshop in the early seventies. Who are the other two?

Page 11

Paul Simpson '82 intake and Jim Harrison machining a G-clamp up.

Page 12


Big Thanks to Greg Hattons mum for looking after the brochure.