Risley Apprentice Training School



1975 Brochure

This one is slightly unusual in that it was printed in landscape rather than portrait format.

All the photographs were specially taken for this one and very well done too. Page 2 is very posed, especially the poor young apprentice on his knees.

1975_brochure-1.jpg (42853 bytes)

1975_brochure-2.jpg (99442 bytes)

1975_brochure-3.jpg (69673 bytes)

1975_brochure-4.jpg (38737 bytes)

Page 1

Impressionable apprentices being impressed.

Page 2

Very nicely equipped and clean.

Page 3

The apprentice drawing office.

Page 4

The home of the electrical apprentices.

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1975_brochure-6.jpg (66433 bytes)

1975_brochure-7.jpg (66810 bytes)

1975_brochure-8.jpg (83782 bytes)

Page 5

Perfectly composed photo with George Lyons & apprentices.

Page 6

More nice photographs.

Page 7

Page 8



Big Thanks to Stuart Metcalf for this one.