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The Brochures


The apprentice training school had it's very own brochure primarily aimed at attracting potential candidates. In a typical year there would be many applicants for apprenticeships with the figure peaking in excess of 2000 per year during the early 1980s for the places that were on offer. Thus the successful applicants who had been selected for a written test paper and subsequent interview would be told that they were the top ten percent of the top ten percent who had applied, a nice little apprentice ego boost for the first day.


Anyway thanks to those of us with a tendency to hoard things we have lots of them.


early_brochure01.jpg (135883 bytes)

The first brochure acquired by the site is a bit of a cobble up. The photo's within its pages are a varied collection taken over what appears to be a ten year period prior to it's publication with the cover photo appearing to contain Dave Hughes (unless someone knows different) with Jim Harrison at a Bridgeport milling machine with what looks like an apprentice G-clamp on the turntable. My best guess is that this photo was taken specifically for this brochure around early '84 for use during the recruitment of apprentices for the '84 and '85 intake.


Thanks go to Greg Hattons mum for keeping hold of this one. 

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The second, later Brochure follows on from the first but now ditches the UKAEA banner and the apprentice training scheme logo for a more 'modern' feel. The brochure uses the now old fashioned square flashing computer cursor as would have been familiar to teenagers of the period to put forward this image. Dave Millington standing proudly by the small CNC milling machine that must have been a brand new addition to the school during 1983/4. This brochure was a much better one that didn't use any old photographs and captures a nice snapshot of the training school and its inhabitants during the early 1980s.

Brochure supplied by Graeme Ball

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Now for our third brochure, from a time when the world was black & white. This one was produced in 1970 and portrays the Apprentice Training Scheme in quite a different style. I guess at the time what went on was pretty state of the art stuff and all the photo's contained within the brochure portray the school at its point of maximum investment. All the equipment is quite obviously brand spanking new or refurbished and the workshops are spotless.

Thanks to Max Dutton for this gem, Max preserved this because guess what - he's on the front cover.

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The fourth brochure 'a career for the future' is from around 1975. This one takes a more minimalist approach with regard to textual content whilst increasing the visual aspect considerably with large specially taken photographs.

Three of the photographs are particularly good and well worth a look at as they all emphasise the instructors well.

Brochure supplied by Stuart Metcalfe

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front_s.jpg (105113 bytes)

We've managed to get back even further back in time thanks to Sue Livesey as this one dates back to 1973 and is a nice little A5 brochure with 6 pages of text and photo's that show the apprentice training school when it was all relatively new.

It's unfortunately a relatively cheap affair so although its got some great photo's inside it they do not reproduce too well on the site. 

Anyone got an original tucked away?


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Thanks to Derek Conroy & John Royle for sending this one in, it must be one of the last ones and dates to 1986/7 and is a slim four page brochure that shows the apprentice training school in its dying throes.

Contains some nice well printed colour photographs.

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They keep on crawling out of the woodwork and it's thanks to David Ashcroft for this one dating back to 1979. It's another nicely produced brochure with 16 pages of text and photo's that leans heavily on the great photo's contained in the 1975 brochure.

The aerial photograph is quite interesting and could be stitched together as it is separated by the main pages of the brochure.


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Unbelievably thanks to John Hankin we now have the oldest one to date this one is from 1967 and has some photographs of AEA Winfriths Apprentice Training School as well as details of the wages and lodging allowances for the period.

The brochure has been scanned from an old photocopy so the photographs are not of the same quality as the other brochures, anyone got an original?


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Are there any more brochure's out there?