Apprentices at Winfrith


In the early days of the training school facilities at Risley were limited and apprentices from SRC Daresbury, Laportes and Crosfields accompanied the UKAEA apprentices to Winfrith for the 1st year craft training.


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1968 Intake on the lawn on front of Egdon Hall Weymouth

1965 Intake getting on the coach to Winfrith in front of the UKAEA Canteen.

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1968 Intake again this time with more participants

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Egdon Hall

Here's a view of Egdon hall with what looks like the apprentice accommodation unit on the right. From accounts I've received breakfast and evening meals were partaken of in the building that resembles an airfield control tower on the left which would account for the early morning dash for bacon sarnies.
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Three Inmates and the Accommodation

Phil Ditchfield, John Hankin and Alan Greenhalgh in front of the Terrapin Building dormitory.


Time for a night out

Pete Humphreys, Steve Aspden, John Hankin and Phil Ditchfield in the dormitory prior to night out in Weymouth winter '65. The beer mats stuck around walls each represented one day of our stay - in those days we wanted to get home to girlfriends and mates - as each day passed one mat was taken down.

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The Escape Party

We regularly hired this mini bus and its driver, Maurice his name was I think, to take a group of home for the weekend. At the time we were not too happy down there. It's only after the event we realised how much the time in Weymouth helped us form a great camaraderie. 

Back row left to right, Maurice the driver, Roger (Alf) Hind, me John Hankin, Paul Sinclair, Ray Charnock. 

Front row left to right, Ken Green, Bill Brown, Jim Summers (now no longer with us) and the odd one out from either Winfrith or Harwell whose name escapes me. 

Six Apprentices and somebody else's dog

Lulworth Cove in summer of '66 with Ken Green, Phil Ditchfield (?), Pete Humphreys John Hankin, Jim Summers and Alan Greenhalgh.

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Egdon Hall 2001

Part Garden Centre and part Building Site, all the buildings to the right of the photo having gone.