Apprentices at Swinton


(near Masham not Manchester)


Year 3 and its time for hardcore outdoor activities


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We were accommodated in the former stables round the back (not the nice bit shown in postcard above). After being dumped in the middle of nowhere at night and told to walk 10 miles (ish) to a designated pickup point the next task the following day was to build a bridge across the stinking lake come stagnant river in the foreground (containing a deer corpse) without anyone falling in (fat chance).

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1981 PVC PPE clad apprentices identity unknown prior to entering a tight damp passageway somewhere on the Derbyshire/Yorkshire border.

Postcard supplied by Pete Carr Photo supplied by Steve Beever
Apprentice Bridge at Swinton Castle near Masham

Anyway here is a bridge built by 1983 apprentices so we know what Pete was talking about above.
Photo Supplied by Helen Linkman/Eddowes