Risley Apprentice Training School Site Photo's

The Risley site was supposed to be 'TOP SECRET' and as such camera's were banned. The only photographs that I can actually remember being taken 'on site' were those by the official site photographer, invariably group photo's or ones taken for glossy brochure's, publicity etc. Photo's of the buildings and workshops are therefore even rarer, to address this issue I managed to take a number of photo's before a lot of the buildings were demolished and also some during the actual demolition.

Here's the first photographs taken during the winter of 2001/2.

Dave Millingtons shop

The 'Advanced Mechanical Workshop' 

High speed ramp takeoff on the way to Tech, but watch out for the site Pigs.

Gaskell's Shop and the Ramp

A nice warm place to skive with the fitters

The boiler house

Training School now with lawned area where the group photo's were taken

Ah the training school itself

Who can hit '60' down here

The road past the back of the school to the bike sheds

A childrens nursery now Mike would say 'it was 20 years ago'.

Mike Pinions Shop

Dscf0021s.jpg (60599 bytes)

The beginning of the end for the 'Advanced Mechanical Workshop'

The Bulldozers Move in

Bare Bones


8am Going


Say Goodbye


Nearly Gone




1pm Gone


Gaskells.JPG (63301 bytes)


12.30pm Going


Gaskells-gone.JPG (33288 bytes)


1pm Gone

Advanced Mechanical Workshop (5B14). Gaskell's Workshop (5C25)  R.I.P.

The Training School utilised buildings that were formerly part of the Risley Royal Ordnance Factory. This massive undertaking of over 1000 brick buildings constructed  in a mere 18 months from mid 1939 played a significant part in the outcome of the second world war. The scale of this venture is mostly forgotten, most traces having been bulldozed or covered by vegetation over the last 20 years. The former Risley ROF site must surely rank as one of the Seven Wonders of Twentieth Century Britain. To appreciate the full scale of the former site visit the link below.

Risley R.O.F.