Apprentices at Poole

(Poole Dorset)

Quite a few people promised me Poole photo's but Stuart Metcalfe got here first with a double whammy as we didn't
 have any photo's of the 1974 intake either until now.

1974 intake at Poole Dorset

Finally a photo taken outside the Poole & Dorset adventure center. 

Everyone except me (Stuart Metcalfe fourth from left) is from the 1974 intake (the year after me). I went with them because I missed the year before with a broken hand.

Left to right:  John 'spanner' Spencer, Brian Metcalf, Steve Grimshaw, Stuart Metcalf, Karl Roberts, Tom Morgan, ?, ?, Paul 'foxy' Fox, ?,Tony Roberts, ?, Ian McMurran


Here's our second Poole photo this time its the 1981 Intake.

We could do with names on faces for this one, sorry about the size and fuzzyness (the only ones I can make out are Giles Oldknow & Winston Atkinson) of the photo, Gary send us a bigger one.

Photo kindly supplied by Gary Aighton.

diane_leake_1.jpg (11957 bytes) diane_leake_2.jpg (11973 bytes) diane_leake_4.jpg (10335 bytes)
Now for our third batch of Poole photo's this time its the 1978 Intake.

To the left we have someone dangling off a rope, with a nice group photo in the centre, Roy Pitt, Lorraine Harte in yellow, Pete Frangleton, Gareth Twiss,  Tony Davin Kneeling with Lee Giles on the far right and two happy apprentices (Diane Leake & Paul Lathom) on the right.

If anyone would care to put names to some more faces (some may be 1977 intake) then let me know by clicking here.