Apprentices at Hollowford

(Castleton really in Derbyshire)

Years 1 & 2 and its time for some outdoor activities


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Some of 1984 intake in Hollowford recreation room, from left to right

Frank Gladman, Graeme Foster, Martin Boardman, Martin Ward, Mark Abbott & Dave Ashton

Some of the '84  intake again with from left to right

Colin Oakley, Mike Fitzmartin, Ian Clough, Dave Ashton, Jimmy Stringer, Dave Ashton, Vera Williamson (BNFL training manager) Tina & Sue (clericals)

More jollity at Hollowford with the '84 intake

Mike Fitzmartin, Tina & Sue (clericals), Dave Ashton, Jimmy Stringer, Colin Oakley, John Casey, Ryan Lynskey, Ian Clough

The above photos were supplied by Dave Ashton and are of the 1984 Intake

outward bound course at Hollowford in Castleton (Lindley Lodge)


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Some of 1987 intake (Lee Bouch & Paul Deeran) doing a little bit of ropework under the watchful eye of one of the centres instructors.


Photo kindly supplied by Yana (Hsu) Malem

This one is a picture of Yana Hsu from BNFL's training department who tagged along with the '87 intake.



Photo kindly supplied by Yana (Hsu) Malem

1989 Intake indulging in some sedate water sports.

Photo kindly supplied by Paul Bullock

Lindley Lodge Hollowford Castleton Derbyshire Cement Pond Juile Hayton & Adrian Peake
Anyway here is a view of the outside with two instructors and two bent over female apprentices.

Photo supplied by Helen Linkman/Eddowes

Round the back and to one side was the pond or rather excavated hole full of clay mud with a bunch of 1983's finest.

Photo supplied by Helen Linkman/Eddowes

If you behaved yourself and didn't act scarey whilst in the countryside there would be petting opportunities as Adrian Peake and Julie Hayton found out.
Photo supplied by Helen Linkman/Eddowes