Apprentices at Bocholt



The ultimate apprentice trip (year 4) for those who'd behaved themselves and written a nice letter to say why they should go.


Bocholt-supplies-1984.jpg (51079 bytes) Bocholt-mindgame-1984.jpg (63059 bytes) Bocholt-empties-1984.jpg (41256 bytes)
A plentiful stock of cost effective supplies are essential. Alistair Holt 1980 intake taking the initiative Bocholt 1984.

A mind game being played at 1984 Bocholt.

Apprentices deep in concentration.

The debris -time to tidy the room or else! The cleaners refused to enter the room due to the extensive collection of empties.

bocholt'84-greedy.jpg (49683 bytes) Bocholt-ferry-1984.jpg (17167 bytes) Bocholt'84-teampic.jpg (42656 bytes)
Bocholt '84 Dave Bennett being greedy. 2 apprentices caught in the act on the overnight ferry crossing to Holland, guess who. One went on to develop a career as a magician. Homemade punch and  neatly arranged bottle collection. This room was normally occupied by Mal Critchley, Dave Higham, Alistair Holt & Paul Cliffe.


Photos kindly supplied by Alistair Holt


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'85 intake at Bocholt in '89 and this was Paul Adamson getting foamed for obviously not being drunk enough. Bocholt '89 and '85 intake spend another hard working evening  familiarising themselves with German Customs '85 intake spend a day out from Bocholt  somewhere in Holland.

Bocholt 1989_2.jpg (90513 bytes)

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Paul French, Stephen Troilette, Chris Ward & Tony Williams catching some rays at Bocholt in '89

It's 1989 and the '85 intake pull a fast one on John Royle with a classic issue of Blue Climax 36 on the journey back from Bocholt


Photos supplied by Stephen Marnell


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Bit of a knees up with left to right Dave Wright, Ian Croft, Steven Jordan, Barry Cheetham (back with tash), Ray Norris and Phil Mottershead.

boch-87-4.jpg (16460 bytes)

Dave Isherwood (red tee-shirt) joins the crowd.

boch-87-5.jpg (14441 bytes)

Ian Croft takes a firm grip of a bollock naked Tony Gandy. Don't ask me why he decided to strip or was stripped as I don't know. Can anyone fill in the details?

Photo's supplied by 

Barry Cheetham

Now for the less riotous or possibly more chilled apprentices.

Stubbs & Hayes Bocholt.JPG (204467 bytes)


Dave Stubbs and Pete Hayes in some bar in town


Dormitery Bocholt.JPG (206730 bytes)

Pete Hayes, Dave Stubbs, Chris Bateson and Alan Dorning in a dormitory.

Bike ride Bocholt.JPG (296495 bytes)


After a spot of cycling the young apprentices stop off for some light refreshments.

Pete Hayes, Dave Stubbs, Chris Bateson and Alan Dorning, Gareth Hampson & Neil Riley plus Helga.

Photo's supplied by 

Rob Burnett