RD4 Demolition Photos

Many a pleasant hour was spent in this Rabbit Warren of a building here are some photo's of its demolition during 2004.

00 - View SE from GEL roof before demolition began.JPG (143554 bytes)

View to rear showing link bridge & MCLR

02 - the tunnel to MCLR and the North ext. are gone and 9b2_small.JPG (28226 bytes)

Link bridge gone and half cladding removed

wpeC.jpg (48042 bytes)

Top end of RD4

05 - All the cladding is off the high level section and af4_small.JPG (30261 bytes)

High bay

14 - Nothing left standing looking East from the bottom 920_small.jpg (21413 bytes)

Last bits of brick wall

20 - The end view East from corner of Farraday Street 9af_small.JPG (19245 bytes)

All gone

Photographs courtesy of the Chaps at NNC who appreciated the building & Jon Montgomerie