Apprentice Reunions

November 2010 Reunion

photo's courtesy of Paul Tushingham

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Obligatory group photo at the front of  The Tavern

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2010  July  Reunion

July 2010 Ex Risley Apprentices Reunion
??, John Royle, ?? Paul  Tyrer, ??, Paul Tushingham Mike Pinion, Alan Whittaker Nev Dean, Neil Bailey Brian Mackie, Phil Egington

Reunion November 2009

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Camera phone again I'm afraid so a mental note has been made to perhaps take a decent one next year.

Reunion 2008

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Reunion 2008 photo's, there were more but as they were took on a camera phone these are the non blurred ones.

Egdon Hall Weymouth April 2008
The remnants of the 1967 intake on their pilgrimage to the remnants of Egdon Hall Hostel in April 2008. After a nostalgic journey by minibus to Weymouth the boys attempted to relive the experiences of 1967/68 in Dorset (with some successes I have to say!). Nostalgic visits were made to the Winfrith Heath site and Lulworth Cove (why did they choose to sleep on the beach all those years ago?) 

L-R Dave Boydell, Alan Hughes, Brian MacKie, Andy Jackson, Ed Wooley, Paul (Nodge) Milsom, Les Ireland, Lee Halliwell, Mike Kelly, Brian Harrison, Phil Eggington, John Giles, Sam Beswick
Photo Courtesy of Brian Harrison

Risley Apprentice Reunion 2007

30th November 2007 - The Reunion now appears to be an annual event!


Photo courtesy of Nick McGinty (App Hon)

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10th November 2006 - The Full Monty Ex-Apprentices from 1965 through to 1987

About 50% of the turnout in the photo as some remained inside and other splinter groups had staggered onwards.

Congratulations to The Tavern as their splendid array of continually changing real ales resulted in us spending 5 hours in the same boozer.

Left to right:- Alastair Holt, Ross Hackett, ??, Ian Dallas, Tony Davin, Mike Hadfield, ??, Jason Shaw, ??, Mandy Garner, ??, ??, ??, Keith Dolphin, Steve Bailey, Bill Brown,Neil Bailey,Terry Jones, Geoff Caswell, Mike Clair, Steven Prescott.

Apologies to the names left as ?? but my memory is still recovering from great night out as I type.


1978 Apprentices 2003 photo 1 1978 Apprentices 2003 Photo 2 1978 Apprentices, plus Webmaster
1978 Apprentices plus other years Sept 2003
Left to right central photo:-  to be worked out
1965 Apprentices 1979 Electrical Apprentices 1988 Apprentices

1965 Apprentices May 2002

Left to right:

John Hankin, Alan Greenhalgh, Ken Green, Ray Charnock and Roger Hind.

1979 Electrical Apprentices

Left to right:

Mark McIntyre,(Scouse), Paul Atherton (Harry), Peter Gold (George),Me, Mark Bloor (Blogger), Neville Gough (Vive), and Mark Duffy (Dicky).

1988 Apprentices June 2003

Left to right:


Anyone care to fill in the details.

Photo supplied by John Hankin Photo supplied by Stephen Sharrock Photo Supplied by Frank Worthington