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23 May 2008

Re: 1989 intake photo. The chap in the front row, far right is Paul Bullock not Paul Belshaw as noted (unless he changed his name by Deed Poll)! I feel shortchanged, as the NNC apprentices aren't in the photo - myself James Richards, Jon Lewis, Andy Lomax and Stu Dean. I can fill in a few names: Back Row: 3rd from the left is Carl Johnson (the smart on of us), 3rd from the right is Steve Bates (last bumperd into him in a petrol station!, he was self-employed). Middle row: 3rd from the left is Mark Wasic (who I personally owe many apologies for probably making his life a bit of a misery through the years - sorry), right in the middle sporting a rather lovely 80's perm is the beautiful Julie Wood and to her right Sarah Lowe. Front row: 2nd from the left is Chris 'Chip' McMahon who left in year 2 to go welding at a trailer manufacturers from what I remember, 4rd from the left is Simon Hughes (last I heard was raising a family), 3rd from the right is my partner in crime during the years Mr Cameron Forest, 2nd right Dave "Sine wave Dave" Simmons and front right Mr Paul "Chet moige" Bullock. I'd like to hear from all of them I'm on Facebook (cigar and beer in a ghastley Hawaiian shirt on the photo) and e-mail address is jlrichards@yahoo.com Cheers, James PS I'll post some old photos when I get the chance.

07 April 2008

There you go Ken! I remember most if not all of those faces and the classroom decor in the background and those freezing corridors, thats in the back leg of the college that stuck out into the car park.

01 April 2008


28 March 2008

Go back to the home page and hit the 'submit stuff' button and send them to Graeme Pilkington who runs the site.

26 March 2008

Ken Bentley here (75 intake) Working out in the colonies now - first with BNFL Inc in Oak Ridge and then Long Island - then relocated here (finally got married) in Denver 94 - 04. Been at Hanford since then and now we are owned by EnergySolutions I'm about to move to Chicago. I've 2 pics of our class at Warrington Tect about 77 - how do I post them?

24 March 2008

JJ (Johnny Jones) died of lung cancer age 37

28 January 2008

Hi, I'm Colin Davis 1969 intake. Who remembers neckerchief scarfs with toggles. Bob Berry playing the guitar. Watered down milk at breakfast and that bloody long bustrip to and from work! I'm now living in Newton Stewart, Scotland. I work as a custody officer for the local cops and still use my battery charger!!!

30 October 2007

This is a bit late coming back but to the person asking about Gordon Blackburn (March 2007)- yes he is still around - not quite sure where he's living but i see him out around Leigh most weekends with one of my old rugby coaches - in fact i was talking to him last saturday. He hasnt changed much and still likes a pint!! John Simpkin

29 October 2007

2007 Apprentice reunion piss-up, 8 P.M. Friday 30th November 2007, The Tavern (Wilkies), 25 Church St, Warrington, WA1 2SS, great pub with real ale.

24 September 2007

any one know if there is a springfields equivalent of this site ???

22 September 2007

There seems to be quite a few from the '82 intake working at Hinton House so shouldn't be a problem getting the re-union organised. Russ Griff.

22 September 2007

There seems to be quite a few from the '82 intake working at Hinton House so shouldn't be a problem getting the re-union organised. Griff.

22 September 2007

There seems to be quite a few from the '82 intake working at Hinton House so shouldn't be a problem getting the re-union organised. Griff.

20 September 2007

yep up for the reunion, (not managed to make it to one yet, but this year will be 25yrs since we started as apprentices) can you put the date up on the site Graeme? been talking to a few people and everyone is giving a positive response.. cheers - Nigel Williams (82-86)

30 August 2007

Dave Percival here (1978-82). Anyone interested in a reunion this year at The Tavern? Last year's was a great success. Graeme, it's time you took the advert for last year's reunion off the page. I think its too late for anyone to turn up now!

26 August 2007

Just noticed that the notice board has not been working for 4 months, if anything doesn't work then let me know cos feedback is the only way I find out about these things. I know that as engineers we are all clever but the one thing we are not is psychic.

11 April 2007

Heres a thing to make you feel old, one of my year (1973) has just taken early retirement, not just worked his ticket to get another job and take the money, actual retirement! Blimey we only started work last week, or at least thats how it feels to me! but it was 34 years ago.

09 March 2007

This thread reminded me that we used to have to clean off the workbenches in the training school every Friday with Genclene, the fumes from that and the smell of pink rozalex and skilly still bring back memories of those times. Berni Baxter

07 March 2007

Thats odd, I left BNFL in 1990 and dont recall hearing of that. I was his apprentice in 1984 during my third year. I worked with him, Gordon Blackburn and Jack.There was also another fitter from Warrington called Tony. He was big into his crown Green Bowling. They were all sound blokes.

06 March 2007

If I remember rightly J.J. died of cancer in 1989, though I think it was probably the genklene rather than the booze that was his undoing.

06 March 2007

I actually saw him a few lunch times drink 4 with whisky chasers.Was it drink that caught up with him in the end? He was a very good fitter

05 March 2007

Once went in the bar with Johnny Jones (J.J.) when I was his apprentice for a few weeks. He insisted on buying me a pint, then when he'd necked his first one lined me another up, and another and another everytime he wnt back to the bar. Needless to say after four at lunchtime I was spinning all afternoon, an experience that I didn't repeat again!!!!

05 March 2007

Who was Johnny Jones? was he the guy who used to sup 3 -4 pints at lunchtime and go back to work in flying form???

05 March 2007

I think that fitter name was Jack Carragher, came from Higher folds, there was also a Guy called Danny Nairn who was terrified of heights and regularily used to get stuck at the tops of ladders, and result in a call out for the site fire brigade, not only that I got a bollocking for 'letting him climb a ladder! of Bernard Brennen and Cyril Bern

04 March 2007

Yeah, I remember Gordon A.K.A James Black and his Orange Tour Bus (V.W. Camper Van), he worked with the late J.J. (Johnny Jones) the guy who used to wash up at the end of the day in Genklene rather than use Soap'n'Water. There was also an ex Royal Navy fitter, a short, bad tempered elderly guy in there as well though I can't remember his name. Great Days, alas no more.

02 March 2007

Does anyone remember Gordon Blackburn who was an elvis impersonator "James Black" from newton le willows. I think he worked in RD3

12 February 2007

To: Steve Smith, My pc crashed a few months ago and I lost all my e-mail addresses. Therefore I am unable to contact you. Do you know how the other guy's from the 1966 year intake are doing? Such as Nev Snodgrass, Colin Dean, Mike Atherton ................. Cheers, John Blackburn j.blackburn@hetnet.nl

16 January 2007

Brilliant site - I'm from the 1979 intake, may have some Otzenhausen pictures to add to your site, will scan and forward to you. Regards. Adrian Ball adrian@hollowsphere.org

27 November 2006

The follicly challenged gentleman to the left of Mandy Garner on the reunion photo looks like Ste Rudge. He's on the 2nd row, extreme left with (slightly) more hair on the '87 intake photo... I'm the short-arse with the dodgy mullet, 4th from left, front row on the '87 intake pic. Phil Crozier (filcee@yahoo.co.uk)

07 November 2006

Isnt the guy on the back row extreem right of the new 1974 photograph the infamous Terry Hind? used to upset george by wearing a swastika on a chain around his neck? George used to say the last time I saw somebady wearing one of those I stuck a bayonet into him!

01 November 2006

so good I did it twice!

01 November 2006

Another message for Deborah Somewhere Deborah I,ve got an old programme for the apprentice prize giving ceremony, which lists the 'Dan Dorey award' named in honour of your father, I remember him, sadley towards the end when his voice was affected, (I think)! Best regards Berni Baxter

01 November 2006

Another message for Deborah Rees Somewhere Deborah I,ve got a prize giving brochure with 'The Dan Dorey award' listed as one of the prizes, named in honour of your father. Regards Berni Baxter

31 October 2006

Message for Deborah Rees: As a member of the 1966 intake, I do remember Dan Dorey. I believe he was one of the people responsible for setting up the Risley Apprenticeship. I also have recollections that he and one of the teachers at Warrington College (Mr Phillips I think)were supposed to be responsible for winning "World War 2". Stangely, forty years on, I am working on the 1st Floor of Chadwick House where we trained in the Drawing Office. PS. Has anyone heard of Reg Padley (E&I DO circa 1970 -1980) Regards, Pete Johnson peter.grahamjohnson@atkinsglobal.com

29 October 2006

This site is hilarious and has brought back a LOT of memories. I found out about it last night by chance, chatting to a bloke in the pub. I cannot believe you managed to gather so many pics - the tool page is mental! I was part of the last (89) intake (back then I sported a great perm so I stand out a mile on the intake piccy!!) Am going to try and gather some troops for the reunion so will see you all then maybe?! Thanks for making my day Julie Jones (nee Wood)

16 October 2006

To Colin Dean (1966 year), Thanks for your postcard sent from Weymouth this month! Please drop me a line on e-mail j.blackburn@hetnet.nl. Had an e-mail from Steve Smith a few months ago, do you remember him. Cheers, John Blackburn

03 October 2006

Hello again. Dave Percival here. Just to let you know that on Fri 10th Nov 2006 there will be an apprentice reunion based mainly around the 1978 mechanical intake but anyone's welcome. We will be starting at the Tavern, Church Street, Warrington at 8.00, Bulls Head at 9.00 and Kings Head at 10.00, or that's the plan anyway!

29 September 2006

Hi Bernie, ....course I remember you mate! We had a great time at the Tech. I remember Peter (the guy with the Cortina) he was in your year (one ahead of me) - he didn't do his homework one week and told the class his car had been broken into and (only) his homework had been nicked (sounds like bollocks to me!). Sherlock Holmes would have deduced it must have been one of us?! Cheers, Steve Pickering

29 September 2006

Hi all, I've just had a laugh at the latest addition to the website. It was missing some info..... Alan Livesey's secretary was Louie Davies (I'd rather have a rabid whippet sat on my knee!) and the storeman wasn't Jim - it was Frank "F*ing" Rabbit! Cheers, Steve Pickering (pickavis@bigpond.net.au)

Date: 25 September 2006
Time: 01:01

Hello all, I was pointed towards the site by a colleaugue of my son. I was amazed to find a picture of my father handing out big books in the 75 brochure. My father was Dan Dorey who died in 1975 halfway through interviewing for the next intake. Does anyone remember him? He worked at Risley form 1954 until his death and was Engineering Training manager there for a number of years. 

Deborah Rees

Date: 08 September 2006
Time: 09:01

Hi, Dave Percival (78 intake). I'll be arranging another reunion round Warrington probably on 3rd or 4th of November 06. I'll be emailing those that I know, but anyone's welcome. I'll post more details nearer the time. percivalgroup@tiscali.co.uk. Anyone know Andy Smallwood's whereabouts?

Date: 18 August 2006
Time: 14:56

For those of you who are wondering the Welsh Instructor from Winfrith was Mr Norman Harding, a great chap, hope he is well. I still have the Slamin Trophy, presented by Mr K M Slamin in 1948. This trophy was presented to the winners of the Inter Office Cricket Competition every year until 1999, I'm sure a lot of you will have some great memories of playing in that tournament. Keith Tickle 1969 intake.

Date: 13 July 2006
Time: 22:31


Sat here surfing the net as l am working my notice to join a competitor.(sat in the naughty boys seat with nobody to speak to.) I am from the 1970 intake, am sure you are not all dead yet !!! If your are not ! get in touch. Graham Racey (refereex@aol.com)


Hello to all you 1966 RATS.
Looks like it will be another forty years, before England win the world cup. It also looks like it will be forty years before the 1966 intake get together. Is nobody interested in a reunion at the Noggin Pub. Are you all getting too old and lazy in old age, come on lads shape yourselves and contact Pete Johnson or myself. Life is too short to be a misareable bastard for ever.


jeffreyplumb@btconnect.com or jeff.plumb.ajscientific@btconnect.com


Hi Steve
I think we where at Warry tech together 30 years ago! you wher big into Northern soul back then?
As I remember it went something like:-
Donna Alura Zupta Shickallele Dog shite.
Bern Baxter


Heyup steve!
Long time since we where at Warry tech, big into Northern soul I remember OKEH! as I remember it it was something like Donna Alura Zuppta Shickallel Dog Shit! 
Bern Baxter


Hi Guys,
It's Steve Pickering here from sunny Western Australia. Just found this site and it brings back lots of great memories!

Sad to hear that our revered Electrical Instructor at Risley, old Freddie Brown passed away in 2005. We all remember his Royal Navy swearing (brilliant!). Can anybody remember his most famous one? Holy Madonna......etc etc


Just a thought from the Webmaster himself, was there a 1972 intake or are they all brown bread? Does anyone know the answer to this as yet unanswered question?

Date: 17 May 2006
Time: 13:34


Is there anyone out there from the 1967 intake that has a team photo that can be posted on the web site, we seem to be conspicous by our absence.

Ken Brown (67 intake)
Tel No. 01235 434174 (Harwell)
e-mail kenneth.brown@ukaea.org.uk

Date: 12/05/06
Time: 09:13


Hi is there any other 67 intake out there if so lets hear from you. Ken Brown Tel No. 01235 434174

Date: 28/04/06
Time: 01:14 PM


Bumped into George Lyons Yesterday (27th April 2006) and he,s looking really well, tells me he has some great photos from his time in the RATS including some of a strippergram got for his birthday, He did tell me that sadly Freddie Browne died late last year. Berni

Date: 24/04/06
Time: 09:00 PM


For those who may not be aware, Jon Barlow (Wally) who was in the 1980 intake of apprentices, past away on the 19/04/06 after a short illness. Jon was a real character and a good friend. In August of last year he achieved 25 years service with BNFL. He will be deeply missed by his family and friends. Rob Burnett

Date: 21/04/06
Time: 08:22 PM


i guess the rest of the 66 intake are either dead or to idle to put any effort into attending a re-union at the Noggin. Come on you lazy good for nothing bastards, contact Pete johnson or myself Jeff I now look like Uncle Albert Plumb), its the beard you know, grey and shaggy, something I never managed to do much of in Winfrith. I'm still riding knackered old bikes and falling off, ask Pete and Barry. Funny you know I only gave them a lift once and both declined further lifts to work. Come on lets see how many we can get in the Noggin. Contact me at "Scientific@btconnect.com". No one will compalin I am the boss. Jeff Plumb

Date: 07/04/06
Time: 11:35 AM


Just found this site... how slow am I! Can anyone from my year (1970) explain why I was know as 'Enti' short for Entwhistle? I think Bill Jordan started it off and it stuck! Hey, where is he now anyway? Ah well, good times, and still got my toolkit, my multimeter blew up, was never good at electronics!... Keith Richens (keith.rich@cranage.co.uk)

Date: 13/03/06
Time: 07:57 PM


God Nostalgia! The pics of those tools! -ive still got some of them! I have a pic of 72 crowd receiving their indedtures or whatever they were called! Working on a contract with nuclear industry now and look forward to return to what is now Birchwood. I will take the old site plan to see If I can find out where RD4 used to be and Freddie Brownes shed where we learnt all about motors and wiring and bad Navy language -I was only young too! So ill have a look for that pic tonite.. Tony Chorley 72-76

Date: 31/01/06
Time: 09:46 PM


Come on you 1967 lot! We've not much input into this site so how about a 40thyear reunion in Weymouth 2007? I'll start the ball rolling,give me a call,Dave Boydell {Lowton} 07776188997/01942864929 Anyone know the whereabouts of Brian "haggis"Harrison,John Eldridge,Les Broughton or anyone who remembers me from '67/68 give us a call

Date: 31/01/06
Time: 09:15 PM


what a suprise to find this site, but a little disapointed to find no great refference to the 1967 intake,where are Brian"haggis"Harrison,Les Broughton

Date: 18/01/06
Time: 12:55 PM


Where are the '67 mob, there must be someone of that year out there. Come on get started! If nuclear power is re-born in the UK there may be a resurrection of the RATS! I can just see us old f*rts, Uncle Albert style, in OF&H kept alive in presevation fluid and jars.... "During the War" or more apt "During the 60's we did it this way..." He He He JAH 1965 intake.

Date: 10/01/06
Time: 04:29 PM


It will be 40 Years since England won the World Cup and a forty odd lads started thier apprenticeship at UKAEA Risley. So lets have a beer in the Noggin to celebrate this momentous occasion and remember past friends. I am giving you all plenty of notice so we can fix a date for the summer and I know there are plenty of the old lads still standing. Pete Johnson (pete.sans@ntlworld.com) Office No. 01925 437512 (Montgomery Watson)

Date: 13/12/05
Time: 01:02 PM


Hello all 87 intake, Lee "Yeti" Bouch here!! What a wonderful time it was, you only realise when looking back, which, I do often. I would love to be back in the training school again, delicious pasties, sent on errands/orders for the years above, being hauled up infront of the instructors for things ...... well lets not pursue thhat one!!!!I really hope all are well that I knew and laughed with (Even the instructors). If any one would like to contact me, one of the many characters, I would love to hear from you!!! My email is leembouch@aol.com ps - was really sad to hear of Mr Hughes death, he was a great guy! Does Mike Williams remember his arm being trapped in his class??? FUNNY!!!!

Date: 10/12/05
Time: 03:42 PM


All those names so many happy and wonderful memories. I was there at the beginning as a shop steward, and at the end as an instructor,two lads that I am still in touch with Bill Mather lives and works in Texas with his wife and children, Brian Fairhurst works at Florida State University in Tallahassee. Me well I've just gone on to the state pension and I'm now living in Lytham St Anne's.Thanks lads and lasses for all those great times Winston Atkinson. winstonjames@winston91.fsnet.co.uk

Date: 22/11/05
Time: 08:14 PM


Johnny Hughes Died 19/11/05 One of the most memorable characters I have ever met. He would have a go at anything, a person I was very priverlaged to know.(and never a cross word!). John Royle

Date: 30/10/05
Time: 06:58 PM


Talking of "scaring the crap" you gave me a ride in that Spitfire and I'd never ridden in anything so low - I thought I was scraping my butt along the road! Stuart Metcalfe

Date: 14/10/05
Time: 10:38 PM


Hi Berni! Ah the old Spitfire! drop me an email, my address is paultyrer@shaw.ca.

Date: 14/10/05
Time: 07:23 AM


Hello Paul! I remember that! you got a new Triumph Spitfire with a silver gear knob, off the meney you saved by being in bed for six months didnt you. Regards Berni Baxter

Date: 14/10/05
Time: 06:27 AM


I still have my indentures as well!! Witnessed by M.L (Louie) Davis, 69 Stanley Street, Atherton! Good old Louie, used to scare the crap out of me and most apprentices i guess!! Paul Tyrer

Date: 14/10/05
Time: 06:26 AM


I still have my indentures as well!! Witnessed by M.L (Louie) Davis, 69 Stanley Street, Atherton! Good old Louie, used to scare the crap out of me and most apprentices i guess!! Paul Tyrer

Date: 14/10/05
Time: 06:20 AM


Instructors names! I must have been around the same time as George Lyons, Derek Williams, (instructor who was Welsh??), Freddie Browne, Jack Griffiths, Terry Muat. I bust my leg in a karting accident and recall Terry Muat coming to visit me in Walton Hospital!! Terry, if you are reading this, thanks!! Paul Tyrer here, now in Calgary. email is paultyrer@shaw.ca or paultyrer@hotmail.com!

Date: 10/10/05
Time: 12:38 PM


Mike Jones, Mike Pinion,John Royle,****Harrison,Winston Atkinson

Date: 08/10/05
Time: 06:11 PM


Mine were George Lyons Derek Williams Kevin Starkey Freddie Browne Terry Muat Jack Griffiths Frank Abbott (From RD4) not a full time instructor.

Date: 08/10/05
Time: 04:56 PM


Can someone name all the instructors ? Old age setting in, alzheimers etc !

Date: 13/09/05
Time: 10:37 AM


Geoff!! ... Sounds very scary!! Cheers Dave Heavey

Date: 10/08/05
Time: 06:21 PM


I tried almost a year ago to contact Colin Dean (1966 year) but heard nothing. Does anybody know how I can contact him? John Blackburn

Date: 04/08/05
Time: 12:44 PM


Attention P.Code, Dave Heavey, I have photos of various awards ceremonies taken at Castleton in true "BNFL news" style. I must get them scanned and posted- Geoff Radcliffe

Date: 23/05/05
Time: 03:23 PM


Anybody interested in taking part in a 30th reunion of the 1975 intakes...???? Paul Foster

Date: 06/05/05
Time: 09:05 PM


Hello Monty I remember you playing 'stairway to heaven' on guitar at outward bound course, it was fab! Carol Farr (Elec 1980-84)

Date: 15/04/05
Time: 02:34 PM


Geoff R - I bumped into Johnny Hughes in the mal in Warrington a year or so ago and he didn't look taht much different from 20 yrs ago!! He said he also sees George Lyons every now and then, who is also well, and I think he might have mentioned Winston Atkinson (surely the last white Englishman ever to be named "Winston"!), but I can't remember for sure ... MONTY ('80-84)

Date: 14/04/05
Time: 02:49 AM


Wow....... Dave Holland here from 1980 Mottley Crew, Currently Living in USA. Just rediscovered the site and its come on some since I last looked. Lots more photos. Excellent Job. Its amazing how many people I've met, who I never knew at the time, that are Ex-Apprentices over a wide range of Years. Eyup to all those who remember me. especially Tude, Jacko, Dave Harrop, Burnsy, Bryn, Monty, Ste Droughton, Davey Jones, Steady, Chris, Simon, Ste Troillet etc etc etc. Cheers Lads. davehollanddavid@netscape.net

Date: 31/03/05
Time: 01:02 PM


What happened to the instructors following the demise of the training school? Geoff R '82

Date: 31/03/05
Time: 01:01 PM


What happened to the instructors following the demise of the training school? Geoff R '82

Date: 30/03/05
Time: 06:01 PM


Football Team Photo. Back row, Dave Stead, on his left, Mark Abbott.

Date: 22/03/05
Time: 12:46 PM


Regarding the "done and dusted" photo, has anyone heard of Tom Dooley (1966 Intake) lately. Last time I spoke to him(could be ten years ago)he was an Inspector in the Chester Police (that was what he told me ??). Pete Johnson - 1966 Intake

Date: 03/03/05
Time: 07:43 PM



Date: 08/11/04
Time: 08:27 AM


Im so sad to see Rd4 being demolished it was the hub of the site back in the seventies, I spent the really hot summer of 1976 sweating away in there terrified of the chargehands and foremen but I woulndt have missed it for the world Berni Baxter (1973 intake) RIP RD4.

Date: 05/09/04
Time: 06:30 PM


Yeah still got the tools up in the loft. The vice we made was too nice & too small to use. Do you guys of the 1966 intake year remember the time it took us to hand-make the dovetail joint? (Only to have it rejected when inspected). John Blackburn j.blackburn@hetnet.nl

Date: 05/09/04
Time: 06:17 PM


1966 Intake Year John (Johnny) Blackburn Ebro 105 1423 AP Uithoorn Holland 5 September 2004 http://www.johnblackburn.nl e-mail address j.blackburn@hetnet.nl SEE MY E-MAIL TO graeme@enuii.com

Date: 01/07/04
Time: 10:03 AM


I think camera`s were not invented for the "1966" intake. Jeff Plumb was my room mate at Winwrith and we carried him through the bedroom window (horizontally) on a number of occasions.I also remember him taking a Weymouth girl home in a taxi but when he tried to get out,he disappeared down a ditch.I missed the Coach to Velbert,Germany.Mum put me on a flight and as I strolled through Velvert the following day,there were some puzzled faces on a passing coach - there`s "Pete Johnson".Who remembers "Louie" from the Apprentice Office (and the rumours).Maintained friendships with John "Appy" Appelton(was my boss on one contract)Barry Weigh (Best Man first time round)and Jeff"Velocette"Plumb.Bumped into Steve Smith in a Pub in Aberdeen 1990.My email is peter.graham-johnson@mwpm.mwhglobal.com

Date: 18/06/04
Time: 01:35 PM


1970 intake photo 2. Back row it's Colin Hargreaves not steve. Front row - JR.- Keith Richens -RP. -MP. - RJ. - GR. - Bill Jorden -Mike Howard - SR. - PR. -GW. - Peter Harrop ? - Allan Shaw - Roy Anders. It's all in the past now lads. from Steve no it's Colin Hargreaves

Date: 11/06/04
Time: 12:58 PM


Steve Smith, From the 1966 intake. Yes Jeff great times I think the little fat guy was George Wood. I occaisionally run into John Goody who was with us in Winfrith he's living in Stonehaven, Scotland. Anyone wants to get in touch my e-mail address is steveasmith1@hotmail.com

Date: 10/06/04
Time: 03:55 PM


I think Diane Leak had a crush on one of the lads from the 79 intake as the pictures posted at the bottom of 1978 are of the 1979 mob, Alan Whitaker, Bram and Brad's, Cris Woods to name a few.

Date: 16/04/04
Time: 07:08 AM


Ah the smell of Rozalex, drinking from pyramid paper cups, looking good in green, brings it all back. Berni

Date: 13/03/04
Time: 11:07 PM


I think the site may have been republished from an old backup when I moved the master copy to a new pc. Must be my fault for pressing the wrong button somewhere along the line. Graeme P.

Date: 04/03/04
Time: 02:09 PM


Whats going on we seem to have jumped backwards a bit?

Date: 07/12/03
Time: 06:53 PM


That's Dave Norcott by the way.

Date: 07/12/03
Time: 06:52 PM


Bit more information on the 1970's intake 2nd photograph:- Back Row L to R Mike roach, Cave Norcott, ???, John Blease, Steve Hargreaves, John Prior, Steve Littler Front Row L to R John Royle (later an Instructor), ???, Roger Pinder, Mike Pearson, Roy Jackson, Graham Racey, Steve Rigby, ? Howarth, Peter Roach, Geoff Woosey, ???, Roy Anders. Wasn't there a Steve Smith in this intake?

Date: 03/12/03
Time: 11:41 AM


On the 1970 intake page, Photo 1, Is first on left Front row Dave Norcott? and 4th from left Steve Littler? If it was Steve I met up with him in Calgary 2 years ago when he was working for SNC Lavalin. Paul Tyrer here (again!)

Date: 27/11/03
Time: 09:30 PM


Who remembers Scrumpy nights out, getting pissed on two pints, Weymouth Pavilion, lets all Drink to the death of a Clown, Nights in White Satin, Whiter Shade of Pale etc. What a fabulous time, Eddie Hapgood and Mrs Shagnasti's wonderful morning tea's, honey and all. Cheese rolls full of pubes.Late night trials of retribution, pyramids and full telephone boxes. Free telephone calls courtesy of British Telecom, who remenbers tap,tap,tap..ring ring. Anybody remember the confrontation with the Poole Hells Angels on the lawn of the Hostel. Southern softies no bottle.Engineers blue in the showers and on the bog seats. Can anybody remember the name of the little fat get who bossed us all around at Winfrith. Should be dead by now thank god. 1966 was surely the best year of the lot. Jeff Plumb Now in Wigan via Switzerland and Europe. Still working my bollocks off....

Date: 02/11/03
Time: 08:10 PM


Hi Dave! Paul Tyrer here. Keep in touch bud! Where is Cormac these days????

Date: 30/10/03
Time: 07:16 PM


OH my god! Dave Yarwood (76-80) here in Canada. Bet those faces have changed alot over the years. 1968 intake prize giving, back row fourth from the right - isnt that John Eldridge??

Date: 23/10/03
Time: 07:45 AM


What a brilliant site! I was pointed to this by Stuart(Sherman) Edwards. Thanks Stuart! Paul Tyrer here from 1971 intake. Anyone remember Bob Bridge (I think it was) setting off a fire extinguisher (water) in the Mech workshop tea room to put out a ciggy fire in a paper cup and emptying the extinguisher!!. Great days.I am in Abu Dhabi for Technip, email is ptyrer@technip.com or paultyrer@hotmail.com

Date: 29/09/03
Time: 04:11 PM


Tony, You are correct about the poole photo, it is Phil Miller. He has that maroon pullover and white T-shirt on hat he never took off his back !! Cheers Phil lol Derek Conroy

Date: 04/09/03
Time: 03:50 PM


Unfortunatly I can not find any photo`s of the 72 intake. However searching through my garage I did come across a toolbox with some rusty exhibits that once could be mistaken for a vice, plumbob, etc. John Palin. Still at D.L.

Date: 02/09/03
Time: 02:51 PM


The 1981 Poole photo contains Phil Miller, I could be wrong, but I seem to think he didn't come with his/our own year (1980 intake) enjoyed the site, hope you get the info coming in Tony Brierley

Date: 06/08/03
Time: 10:33 AM


The guy on my right in the 1976 intake photo, Nigel ?, is Nigel Boardman - just filling in the blanks! Bill Lamb

Date: 13/07/03
Time: 12:59 AM


recently discovered the site, i am from the 1989 intake, this was the last year of apprentices before the training school shut! i will send some photos when i manage to dig some out. any other 89'ers out there? paul bullock

Date: 28/05/03
Time: 12:55 PM


Re' the 'who am I ?' below;
If it's who I think it is he did CEI (or whatever it was called then) in Liverpool and he knows me quite well ! If he'd like to email me that would be ace.      paul.wilkinson@sercoassurance.com

If I'm wrong then I'll have to think again won't I.

Any other visitors who remember or know me please drop me an mail if you haven't already done so. Regards to all ex-apprentices and thanks again Graeme for the website.

Paul Wilkinson. (still, of course, here at Risley after (getting near to) 35 years - as a '68 entrant)

Date: 23/05/03
Time: 12:01 PM


I started my apprenticeship at Springfields and transferred to Risley when I was nineteen [1964]. At that time the training school did not exist. Finished my time at John Dalton taking IEE part 3. I know many of the subsequent apprentices and actually was a stand in instructor in the school to cover holidays etc. Who am I ????

Date: 16/05/03
Time: 02:54 PM


Good site brings back loads of memories. The girls in the 1975 brochure were the first risley apprentice girls (from 1974 intake). Their names were left to right pauline, sue and barbara. Any more pics of 1974 intake. Keep in touch from Harry Critchley e-mail harry.a.critchley@mwhglobal.com

Date: 06/05/03
Time: 01:27 PM


Just received the RATS site info. Good stuff. Any news on a 1972 site? I started on 29 August 1972, and was one of fifteen apprentices, supposedly the last intake. Good to see the photos of all the tools, which bring back happy memories - does anyone remember having to make DO kit? I would be interested to hear of anyone from 1972 intake. I still work on the Risley site, 31 years later!!

Paul Tushingham (01925 253222)

Date: 01/05/03
Time: 01:04 PM


Regarding the comments about the 1975 beochure, that is not Steve Littler, he was in my year - 1975


Date: 28/04/03
Time: 10:15 PM


Amazed to see this , never thought anyone would bother, a wonderful effort that brings back so amny happy memories

Tony Roberts 28/4/2003

Date: 28/04/03
Time: 04:28 PM


1975 Brochure, page 7, End of Time Dinner. L-R Dave Norcott, ??, Graham Racey, Steve Rigby, Steve Littler, Roy Jackson.

Date: 23/04/03
Time: 12:18 PM


The latest photo from Poole 1974 intake was the year above me, and I attended Leigh College with a few of them:

3rd from right is Tony Roberts from Grappenhall

5th from right is Paul 'foxy' Fox from Woolston, the RATS body builder...!!!!

Far left is John 'spanner' Spencer who worked at NNC booths Hall

I recognise nearly all of the rest, but at the moment can't put a name to them..


Paul Foster 1975 intake

Date: 15/04/03
Time: 06:55 PM


Thanks to John Palin for pointing me to this site which has brought back so many memories. I kept lots of stuff that Ill scan and download to the site. Unfortunately I had a clearout last year and threw out most of the tools that Id made - even the meter had to go which Id used regularly for about 20 years until the battery leaked. Stuart Metcalfe, 1973 to 1977 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, California, USA sjm@slac.stanford.edu

Date: 24/03/03
Time: 04:45 PM


Just found out about the site, somebody must have some photo`s of the 72 intake. Well done to hoever has put the site together, keep up the good work John Palin

Date: 18/03/03
Time: 12:52 PM


RE Instructors

I saw Dave Millington recently and he has had a full make over. His hair is almost totally white, in a spiky flat top style. He has gained a few pounds too, mostly muscle though and is currently working for RWE Nukem at Kelburn Court just to the rear of the Risley site. I did not recognise him until he introduced himself, scary! I also see Jim Harrison occasionally he looks younger than i do. Graeme.A.McMenemy@jci.com

Date: 18/03/03
Time: 09:16 AM


Re' Instructors. Terry Muat is with Serco Assurance still on the Risley site but presently (or was the last time I saw him) working on a Project in Plymouth.

Paul Wilkinson ('68 and still on the Risley site with Serco in Y Block (it'll never be Thomson House for me))

Date: 17/03/03
Time: 03:23 PM


Does anybody knw what any of the instructor are doing?

Phil Tolman philtolman@hotmail.com Admin 1982 to 1989

Date: 17/02/03
Time: 08:48 PM


Names missing from one of the brochure photographs: Page 10 - Terry Muatt with 2 un-named apprentices. The one on the left is definitely Steve Wright, the other,I think, is Martin Harrop. Stuart Edwards sedwards@bnflinc.com

Date: 17/02/03
Time: 01:59 PM


Hiya Gra, couple of names for you - the front cover of the brochure which says 'ENGINEERING FOR BOYS AND GIRLS' with 3 girls and an instructor stood around a drawing board - the 2 girls at the front are Leslie Wright and Andrea Scrivens. Sorry - don't know the instructors name but I think the other girl was a student-type bod.

Date: 08/02/03
Time: 07:20 PM


Some other names from the brochure are Pete Whitehead and Ian Barnwell and Dave Crompton on the miller in the foreground on page 9. If anyone knows where Dave Crompton is please tell him top get in touch Regards Graeme Mcmenemy. Same goes for Mark Frankel,Ben Perry and Paul Morris

Date: 08/02/03
Time: 07:14 PM


I think and seem to remember that the front cover of the latest brochure shows William (Billy) Mather in the foreground and Steve Shelley working away in the background, Both from 1979 intake just like me Graeme McMenemy

Date: 07/02/03
Time: 12:48 PM


New Brochure Some names I can remember:- 9Tho'Alzheimers is setting in so I might be wrong. Page 1 - Looks like Billy ?? Something and Steve Shelley (1979) Page 4 Steve "Bing" Crosby (1979) Page 8 Pete Whitehead Red hair at back. Cant see other one and cant remember the Wigan lad at fronts name (1979) Page 9 His nickname was Barney (1979) another name I've forgot Tony Fiefield

Date: 05/02/03
Time: 05:26 PM


My god this brought back memories, like trips to stores with the little drag along truck that could take all morning if you took the long route back, sausage rolls and egg barms of the tea trolley, Beachball, rat, george, fred and the really scary clerk louie Davis, jack griffiths, and big Al himself All good stuff keep it going. Bernie Baxter (BCYDALE@AOL.COM)

Date: 21/01/03
Time: 12:06 AM


Hi guys still look at the site often and i am spreading the word to all i see. Just a suggestion how about a bit where people can come and leave their name, year and contact details, e-mail address or 'phone number as desired, (e-mail address probably the safest) a bit like friends reunited? Regards Graeme Mcmenemy 1979

Date: 17/01/03
Time: 07:13 PM


1989 intake, a vintage year, coming soon!

Date: 07/01/03  -  10:11 AM

Just found out about this site anyone out there from 1970 intake?

Bill Jordan

Date: 20/12/02  -  01:33 PM

the lads in the brochure: page 3&4 small pic on cnc is mick parry and mark cowin D.O. phil m - next board -ian forshaw - next board martin boardman and keith ashworth and john royal at the end

page 5 paul adamson and mel coyne with JR page 9 & 10 jim harrison is with ian martindale - jack philips is with greg hatton, neil forshaw (thats me that is :-)reading and phil haige(sp?) foreground

Date: 19/12/02  -  04:25 PM

the instructor going down the pot hole is Jim Harrison

Date: 10/12/02  -  12:48 PM

Mark Bloor was the Apprentice of the year 79 intake, I (Tony Fiefield) was runner up (so it wasnt based on looks then!!!) Ive got some Bicholt photos to go on and I'll ask Steve Shelley to post the group one (if he has it)

Love the site, whats happened to the 1979 intake? did nobody own a camera? I believe ste shelley has the group photo for the 1979 intake.

Cheers, Mike Hadfield

Chris Berry - 1978 Intake             Great site, brings back some memories.         cj.berry@ntlworld.com

Dave Percival here(1978-82). Next August 29th will be our silver jubilee year. I remember organising a do for our 20th ann. Is anyone interested in celebrating? email me at thepercivals@tinyworld.co.uk with your whereabouts and contact details. Spread the word. PS if you want to see my photos, ask Simpkin. I lent them to him in 1995.

Bloody brilliant - I shall expect the Apprentice of the Year for 1979 (whoever that was - can't remember) to come up with the goods and get 1979 populated with some good pics. Who'd have thought they could turn a bunch of scruffy layabouts like us into BNFL's finest! Bocholt's never been the same since. I'm passing it on to all the guys I know.

Great site guys, I have never left the Risley site and am based in RD2 working for Johnson Controls. I still see a few of the ex-apprentices from my year, 1979. I will chase Andy Birchall as i am sure he still has our intake picture. I would love to hear from any more of the guys and girls from my year. I will be spreading the word about the site. Keep it going. Regards Graeme McMenemy