Fiat Seicento

The Cinquecento Mk2, new external & internal styling, plus gone are the flimsy Panda style stalk controls and door bins made from crappy plastic. Same mechanicals although the 900cc lump has been dropped 'at last' on the later models, the sporting model is slightly strangled on the later models by Fiat moving the catalyst closer to the engine to improve emissions to satisfy the eurocrats. Fuel economy slightly down on the Cinq and the car is slightly heavier though this does not detract on the feel of 'ownership' as the good points far outweigh the bad. The 'sporting' model begs for the 1200cc punto version of the same engine as it's not really much quicker than the S & SX versions now all models have the same lump, a different set of gears in the box is simply not enough to satisfy.


A bit plain and common in red, the Mickey Schumacher Limited Edition one is the most desirable.

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